Cyclic Cavity Temperature Control System Targets Excellent Component Surface Finish

Ready for integration within the tool, the Hotset America Z-System detects and prevents weld lines or component dullness, while offering controlled heating and cooling.


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Hotset America Z-System weld lines

Photo Credit: Hotset America

Hotset America’s Z-System is an efficient temperature control solution for injection-molded tools, which prevents unfavorable surface flaws, such as weld lines or dullness. Forming tools or cavities can be heated and cooled rapidly in a targeted manner, both partially and in short cycles. The Z-system also boasts a heating rate of 60 K/s at the tool wall.

Applying low heat quantities and thermal separation within the tool, heating capacity can be coordinated according to component geometry and production process requirements through detailed parameterization. Further, the system’s cavity sensor with instant response times enables detection of the smallest temperature changes and deviations virtually in real-time.

Operating with minimal energy requirements also reduces the base temperature of tools, making reduction of cycle time and increased productivity possible.