Standardized Slide Units Reduce Production Cost

Hotset America’s slide units ensure easy exchange, are directly tailored to the moldmaker and reduce overall product costs. 


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Hotset Corp. slide inserts

With increasingly complex injection molded parts, slides make it possible to release lateral undercuts and breakthroughs of the molded part inside and out, to realize bore holes and to form complicated outer contours such as threads. In response to this need, Hotset America Corp. highlights a complete range of standardized slide elements, including new units with extended slides, which are directly tailored to the moldmaker. In case of a failure, all of the standard parts can be easily exchanged among each other, relieving the burden on customer’s production via shortened construction and production time and reduced costs. 

The range of Hotset America includes round and square slide units in the Z4290 to Z4296 series range. Each unit consists of an upper part with integrated inclined wedge, and a lower part with the real slide and an integrated slide holding device. The slides are made of hot-work steel 1.2343, are hardened to 52 HRC and can be provided with the mold contour by the toolmaking.

The slide unit Z4290 saves space as a result of its round slide elements which offer a diameter of 16 mm. It is ideally suited for small breakthroughs and bore holes in the tightest of spaces. Z4292 is used when the slide is required to work vertically in the injection molding tool. The internally-integrated compression spring ensures that the slide is always pressed in its starting position. The slide unit Z4293 works in the opposite direction and enables the user to demold internal undercuts.  Depending on the size, the slide units allow a stroke from 3.5-17 mm.

In addition, the company has now added extended slides in 80-140- mm lengths to its slide units Z4290, Z4294 and Z4296, and provides them directly from stock.