12/12/2012 | 3 MINUTE READ

It May Be Your Time to Win, but You Have to Enter!

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The Leadtime Leader Awards honor outstanding North American mold manufacturers who best demonstrate overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment within their moldmaking operations while raising the bar in terms of mold engineering, building, repair and management.


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By taking the time to gather the necessary information about your shop to enter this competition, you have developed a concrete document that outlines in detail your shop’s achievements, business levels, future plans, etc.
• Industry recognition and credibility
• Attract new customers and add value to your overall service and product
• Boost morale in the shop
• Distinguish your shop as an industry leader and promote your shop’s capabilities and services on sales calls
• Build confidence with new and existing customers
• Increase awareness and reinforce your brand
• Realize business growth as you continue to enhance and develop your mold build process
• Any shop performing moldmaking operations is eligible.
• All application submissions will be considered.
Shop evaluation is based on three key categories:
1. Efficiency (Leadtime, business strategies employed, applied product, equipment, services and technology solutions; sales growth)
2. Quality (Overall mold performance, rework/repair record, maintenance procedures, inspection/testing/analysis/measurement techniques employed, etc.)
3. Commitment (Workforce/training, industry involvement, customer service, etc.)
Two companies will be recognized:
• Winner
• Honorable Mention
• Free expanded showroom on www.PTonline.com/www.moldmakingtechnology.com
• A full feature cover story on your shop in MoldMaking Technology magazine
• An invitation to sit on MMT’s Editorial Advisory Board
• Complimentary 10 x 10 booth as well as 2 complimentary full conference registrations for amerimold 2013 – June 12-13 in Rosemont, IL (amerimoldexpo.com).
Leadtime Leader Award Winners earn a targeted advertising program in Plastics Technology magazine (www.ptonline.com) to market their products and services to more than 25,500 molding subscribers at more than 11,600 molding facilities!
QUESTIONS? Contact Editorial Director Christina Fuges at cfuges@gardnerweb.com or (800) 579-8809
Past Winners Share the Benefits They Experienced by Participating in the Leadtime Leader Awards
Large Winner
“It is an honor to be even be considered for this Award  being that we are not the cookie-cutter mold shop and that we are disruptive in the marketplace. Moldmaking today isn’t what it used to be. Today it takes a global strategy and a technology-driven philosophy. You have to be doing something specialized and be the best at whatever it is that you do.  The Leadtime Leader Award has opened up a lot of doors for UTM. It has also made us aware that we are on the right track, but that we must keep charging to be the best in our market while maintaining a global vision into the future.”
Scott Phipps, United Mold and Tool (Easley, SC)

Small Winner
“It is always an honor to be recognized for outstanding performance. Our employees are very dedicated to servicing our customers and we really appreciate the fact that MoldMaking Technology makes the effort to recognize this dedication. The Leadtime Leader Award and corresponding article allowed us to showcase our capabilities and gain exposure on a national level. Recently, a local potential client called us asking us for a tour of our facility because they saw the article/award in MoldMaking Technology magazine. That potential client has now been converted into an actual customer.”
Rebecca Ford, Mold-Tech Inc. (Albertville, MN)

Large Honorable Mention
“As a Leadtime Leader the exposure we have received in the trade journals and at the amerimold show highlighting our name in front of prospective and existing customers has been great. We have been able to generate new leads and reinforce to our existing customers our commitment to providing a quality product in a timeline that is measured as an industry leader.”
Tim Atwood, MSI Mold Builders (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Small Honorable Mention
“The best benefit we have received so far since being named a Lead Time Leader is the internal pride of our group. There seems to be a little more bounce in people’s step and the enthusiasm is definitely up a notch or two.”
Rich Martin, JM Mold South (Easley, SC)