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I’ve seen it with my own eyes and have heard the stories with my own ears—the next generation of moldmaking professionals is here, despite what some might say! I bet your shop probably has a few bright minds right now who are worthy of a little recognition. If you do, I invite you to consider nominating him or her into MoldMaking Technology’s 30 Under 30 Honors Program, which will be an ongoing campaign committed to highlighting our industry’s future workforce.

We searched for 30 individuals under the age of 30 making a difference in moldmaking, both in their company and in the moldmaking community, and found many more. The emphasis is on leadership and potential leadership—whether for a current employer or overall involvement in the industry—but they are also hardworking industry volunteers and community members who take pride in giving back to the moldmaking industry.

From teacher assistants, apprentices and journeyman mold builders, to engineers, project managers and company owners and everything in between, this crop of next-generation talent from around the globe is breaking the mold, as they say.

I also sensed a theme emerging across this year’s submissions when it comes to growing motivated, skilled talent: mentoring. Many of the nominators expressed the eagerness of their nominee to learn from senior-level moldmakers and often finding him or her on the shop floor working alongside their experienced machinists and mold builders. It was repeatedly stated that these next-generation moldmaking professionals have no fear of rolling up their sleeves to join the seasoned professionals on the task at hand. Most, if not all, make a point to engage with senior members of the team to receive invaluable mentoring—practical advice, best practices or hard lessons learned.

Let’s face it: This industry has hard shoes to fill, but I’m witnessing a next-generation eager to try with grace and grit. And these masters of moldmaking and mold design are equally eager to share their tribal knowledge and pass on that passion, which keeps this community advancing into the future.

We know the future of our industry is bright, and we want to thank all of you who nominated a next-generation moldmaking professional as they are all deserving members of the community. Now, let me introduce some of these next-generation moldmakers who made MoldMaking Technology’s 2021 30 Under 30 honoree list.

And the 2021 30 Under 30 Honorees are:

Top 30 2021 Honorees:

  1. Accede Mold & Tool Co. Inc., Kyle Joseph, Progam Engineer
  2. Action Mold & Machining, Zachary Glascock, Additive Specialist/CMM Technician
  3. Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales, Courtney Ollendick, Laser/Tig Welder
  4. Digital Moulds GmbH, Andreas Reinthaler, CEO
  5. Edro Specialty Steels, Katherine Pistorius, Project Engineer
  6. Erwin Quarder, Nick Dupree, Toolmaker Apprentice
  7. F&M Tool and Die, Matt Lizotte, Wire EDM Lead
  8. Harbour Results, Cara Walton, Engagement Manager
  9. Innovation Mold & Design, Hannah Lautenschlaeger, Tool & Die Apprentice
  10. Kingson Mold and Machine, Austin Ramos, Junior Moldmaker
  11. KTM Industries Inc., Rebecca Kluever, Program Manager
  12. M&M Tool and Mold, Kyle Paternoster, Toolmaker
  13. M.R. Mold & Engineering, Valeria Magadan, Technical Center Manager
  14. Matrix Plastic Products Inc., John Ziegenhorn, Moldmaker
  15. Matsuura USA, Nicholas Mitchell, Application Engineer
  16. Metro Mold & Design, Nebyou Demessie, Toolmaker
  17. MGS Mfg. Group, Jake Wade, Toolmaker
  18. MMD Medical, Daniel Schuler, Mold Builder
  19. Precise Tooling Solutions, Trenton Ford, Wire EDM Operator
  20. Pyramid Molding Group, Industrial Molds Division, Sasha Stojanovic, Mold Designer
  21. Superior Tooling Inc., Ben Johnson, Journeyman Moldmaker
  22. Superior Tooling Inc., Isaac Wier, Apprentice Moldmaker
  23. Tri-Par Die and Mold Corporation, Adem Talic, Apprentice Moldmaker
  24. University of Massachusetts Lowell, Plastics Engineering Department, Michael Shone, Teaching Assistant, Ph.D. Candidate
  25. Valeo, Mason Day, Plastic Toolmaker
  26. Wepco Plastics, Jacob Arsenault, Moldmaker Apprentice
  27. Westfall Technik, Anthony Fabbri, Moldmaker Apprentice
  28. Westminster Tool, Hillary Thomas, Account Manager and Vice President
  29. X-Cell Tool and Mold, Rob McMaster, Process Engineer
  30. YakAttack LLC, Nick Kellogg, Engineering Manager

MoldMaking Technology selected recipients from reader nominations based on their potential leadership within the company where they work or for their industry passion and involvement. If you have a 30 Under 30 candidate in mind, you can nominate that person for our continuing digital coverage:

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