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This month’s product roundup focuses on some of the surface treatment services and technologies being offered to the moldmaking industry, and includes some prominent companies such as:

  • Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales
  • PCS Company
  • DW Sales
  • Slide Products

MMT publishs new/proven products/services on a daily basis, so browse our “New Tech” section on the homepage of our website, or find them via the website search bar. Follow each title link below for the full product post.

For digital-only products posted this month read “Technology Roundup: Moldmaking Product Highlights.”


  • Diamond Polishing Aluminum

    Proven step-by-step instructions for polishing aluminum and useful and accurate pointers for those applications where a diamond finish is not required.

  • How to Optically Polish Aluminum

    There are two methods for optically polishing aluminum - knowing the right one for your project will save you time and money.

  • Best Practices for Surface Finishing

    In moldmaking, the surface of the mold has a direct impact on the surface of the product being molded. Because of this, proper surface finishing is essential to producing quality parts.