Laser Processing System Integrates Automation For Complete Precision and Flexibility

ACSYS Lasertechnik’s Multishift system is fully automatic, including a robotic arm and integration with OCR, OPR and dynamic focus control for a very precise laser processing finish.


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ACSYS Multishift system.

Photo Credit: ACSYS

ACSYS Lasertechnik introduces Multishift, a fully automatic laser system with Industry 4.0 integration. Multishift is suitable for applications in medical, automotive, tooling, minting and jewelry, and is said to offer advanced laser marking, structuring, cutting and engraving capabilities, as well as a range of automated features.

A robotic arm ensures reliable and consistent results, with sensitive grippers that leave no indelible marks. Multishift’s automatic pallet processing enables faster and more accurate laser processing, and is said to eliminate some batch tasks.

Featuring OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OPR (Optical Parts Recognition), Multishift provides operators more complete, accurate and hands-free laser processing capabilities, saving time and minimizing product reworks. The system’s Online Depth Control (ODC) offers optimal engraving and Dynamic Focus Control (DFC) tracks the laser’s focal point for laser accuracy.

Further, ACSYS notes that Multishift supports nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond and CO2 laser processing capabilities to provide operators  progressively finer laser structuring options. Engraving in 3D is also supported.

Designed to be user-friendly, Multishift features an industrial-grade frame made of high-strength steel with a temperature-stable granite structure. Glass doors give the system 360-degree access to laser process functions. Its minimized footprint and configurable design enables Multishift to fit into smaller spaces and can be configured to a company’s specifications. This laser system’s ergonomic design is height-adjustable to fit its user and provides a touch-sensitive surface. Most importantly, the high-resolution camera is highly sophisticated and functional such that it does not require any reconfiguring for each laser session.