Ceramic Fiber Brushes Enables Fast, Automated Deburring and Surface Finishing

The automated Xebec Brush features woven ceramic fibers for consistent cutting action, high-speed finishing solutions.  


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Xebec ceramic fiber brushes for deburring.

Photo Credit: Xebec Deburring Technologies

Xebec Deburring Technologies’ ceramic fiber brushes are ideal for deburring, cutter mark removal and polishing of molds following the milling process. They can be used like a cutting tool in a CNC or robotic machine for fast, automated deburring. In a recent test performed on a NAK Steel Mold part, Xebec found that an automated finishing solution with Xebec Brush was 57 times faster than manual methods performed by skilled workers. Surface roughness following end milling was Rz 6.1 μm (Ra 1.4 μm) and Xebec Brush was able to achieve Rz 0.4 μm (Ra 0.03 μm) in 90 seconds.

According to Xebec, the key is the company’s proprietary ceramic fibers, which are woven to create self-sharpening filaments that maintain consistent cutting action on the tips. More than 80% of bristle content is ceramic fiber. Plus, unlike wire and abrasive, impregnated nylon brush filaments, Xebec says its fiber bristles retain their shape without deformation, even after repeated use. This means the brush doesn’t lose grinding power and maintains consistent performance, including in materials up to 57 HRc.

Xebec brushes are manufactured from bristles of four different thicknesses. The greater the bristle thickness, the more aggressive the cutting action. Thicker bristles will remove more material faster. Thinner bristles are more flexible and able to conform to the shape of the workpiece for finishing and polishing without altering part dimensions or features. Brush color indicates the relative thickness of the bristles.