COAST Systems Delivers Complete Mold Management Solutions


Amerimold 2021 exhibitor COAST Systems drives to transform mold manufacturers’ capabilities to manage, monitor, and control mold assets.

High-Performance Alloys for Plastic Injection and Blow Molding


Materion Performance Alloys introduces its tailorable MoldMax alloys which impart strength and wear resistance similar to tool steels, but with ten times more thermal conductivity.

Tooling Supplier Provides One-Stop Shop for Injection Molds


Ontario-based A-Z Mould produces locally made, cost-competitive, small- to mid-sized molds.

Moldmaker Commits to Continual Mold Manufacturing Improvement


M.R. Mold & Engineering, known globally for its LSR and plastic injection molds, continues to expand its expertise via new equipment, certification and into new industries.

Cross-Functional Mold Design and Engineering Team Drives Complex Component Manufacture


Michiana Global Mold specializes in Class A finish, highly complex and multi-material parts and offers customers expertise in building complex injection molds with more moving features.

Vented Ejector Pins Targets More Efficient Gas Removal for Molds


Next Chapter Manufacturing presents its 3D-printed NXC vented ejector pins which offers an integrated porous core to enable gas to pass through the face of the pin and vent out the side, avoiding gas traps.

New Finishing Toolpaths Simplify Programming


Autodesk’s newly released PowerMill 2022 offers a range of improvements and new capabilities to optimize toolpath utilization and increase user simplification.

Specialists in Prototype Aluminum Tooling and Plastic Injection Molding Short-to-Medium Runs


Wepco Plastics specializes in the full or partial development of a part from concept to design.

Wire EDM Series Redesigned for Increased Capacity and Throughput


Constructed for ultimate rigidity, the FANUC RoboCut α-CiC machine series from Methods Machine Tools offers users a new table construction, more straightforward auto-wire feeding panel and new upper guide.

Mold Builder’s Automated 24/7 Unattended Machining Speeds Up Simple to Complex Mold Builds


Industrial Molds, a division of Pyramid Molding Group specialize in designing, engineering and special machining to create quality, precision tooling.