End-To-End Manufacturing ERP Software Centralizes SME Operations System


The complete management system toolkit by Genius ERP is built exclusively for custom manufacturers to help plan, execute, measure and improve high-variable manufacturing business processes.

Face Milling Cutter for Maximum Reliability


Walter’s Xtra-tec XT M5012 face milling cutter with small indexable inserts and large depth of cut delivers versatility and accessibility.

Low-Leakage Temperature Control System Ensures Maximum Safety


The Hasco system showcases improved and robust quick-release couplings that guarantees safe and independent coupling with a maximum flow rate and a small, low-pressure drop.

Laser Welding System Meets Smaller Footprint, Affordable Price


Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales releases the ID-1 Fixed Workstation, a system designed by moldmakers for moldmakers and engineered to repair inserts, components and smaller tooling.

Digital Twin Software Update Enhances Functionality


NCSIMUL 2021 from Hexagon Production Software further increases shop-floor productivity and reduces manufacturing costs with improvements to detecting excess material, setup editing and wear on cutting tool simulation.

Cavity Interlocks Offer Precise Alignment of Small Molds


Progressive Components expands alignment lock product line with the Cavity, Flat Cavity and Round Cavity Interlocks for precise alignment.

ESPRIT Probing Cycle Option Improves CAM Software Setup and Accuracy


While probing is not new for DP Technology’s ESPRIT CAM software system, new features enable more versatility, part consistency and quality.

Faster WORKNC Delivers on Performance


The Hexagon WORKNC 2021 software release offers faster toolpaths and a simpler user experience for improved productivity. 

EDGECAM 2021 Software Ensures Faster Waveform Roughing Functionality


The updated CAD/CAM software from Hexagon Production Software boosts customer productivity with lower computer-processing time and faster toolpaths.

One-Stop Shop Mold Surface Repair Services


High Tech Laser & Polishing is ideal for a wide offering of laser welding, polishing and laser engraving amenities to save on shipping costs and reduce lead times.