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PUBLISHED: 4/20/2018

Vacuum Devices Introduce Speed and Prevent Clogging

Cumsa introduces two vacuum devices designed to reach the desired vacuum level faster and eliminate problems caused by gas clogging in molds.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2018

Toolroom Bed Mill Features Powerful CNC Technology

Southwestern Industries/TRAK Machine Tools showcases its three-axis bed mill and CNC technology at Amerimold.

PUBLISHED: 4/20/2018

Injection-Blow Tooling System Reduces Labor, Improves Quality

Liberty IBM System is said to overcome long-standing limitations of injection-blow tooling.

PUBLISHED: 4/19/2018

Technology Combines Processes for Strong, Lightweight Components

Krauss Maffei's FiberForm technology in an injection molding machine enables the production of fiber-reinforced plastic components.

PUBLISHED: 4/19/2018

Servo Motor in Medical Mold Provides Tighter Tolerances

Westminster Tool Inc.’s strategy to use a servo-driven motor as an alternative in an unscrewing mold enables a medical customer to meet cleanroom demands.

PUBLISHED: 4/18/2018

Design-for-Manufacture Review on Micro-Molding Operations

According to Mold Craft Inc., a design-for-manufacture (DFM) review ensures that its customers receive the highest quality molds that produce parts with close tolerances.

PUBLISHED: 4/18/2018

Diamond Coating on Slideways Minimizes Wear

Hasco stack mold components increase production output and efficiency while decreasing costs.

PUBLISHED: 4/17/2018

Continuous Five-Axis Machining Method Reduces Tooling Costs

Makino introduces a line of five-axis continuous machines that rely on a continuous five-axis method to reduce tooling costs for die and mold machining.

PUBLISHED: 4/17/2018

Balls on Ejector Bushings Run at Angle to Increase Load Capacity

DMS showcases Bolex P ball-guided ejector bushings made of special roll steel bush casing, hardened and ground to hold fixed inside a high-resistant bronze cage for guiding the balls running along the cage.

PUBLISHED: 4/16/2018

Freeformer System Offers Flexibility in Prototyping

Arburg says that its Freeformer customers can qualify their own materials using the APF process and optimize process parameters to the application at hand.

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