Dual-Function Ultrasonic Polisher Capable of Demanding Polishing, Deburring Task Execution

Giving the versatility of both ultrasonic and mechanical polishing, the PCS Company Ultramax DF unit enables users to polish right up to the wall, or finish to an edge.


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Ultramax DF ultrasonic polisher.

Photo Credit: PCS Company

The Ultramax DF ultrasonic system from PCS Company is a dual-function unit that gives the versatility of both ultrasonic and mechanical polishing. Short stroke and fast reciprocation provides complete control over the most demanding polishing and deburring tasks. Control functions, such as an adjustable stroke length between 4-40 microns enable users to polish right up to the wall, or finish to an edge.

The Ultramax DF unit is capable of polishing tough metals such as tungsten carbide and titanium. PCS says applications ranging from milled surfaces to rough EDM surfaces, can be polished to a mirror finish using all grades of finishing stones, sintered, resin and plated diamond tools, files and ceramic stones, and metallic and nonmetallic lapping tools with diamond compounds.

The DF set includes a controller, vibration-free UF-9700 45W handpiece, 6/4 mm tool adapter, handpiece rest and tool box. The DF can also power PCS’ full line of Power Hand 3 mechanical handpieces (PH3 adaptor 5103304 required).


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