3D-Printed Mold and Part Polishing Service Advances AM Geometry and Material Capabilities

Ultra Polishing extends its services for polishing 3D-printed plastic molds and parts and printed metals, for companies creating products with complex dimensions and using nontraditional materials.


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Polished 3D-printed parts.

Photo Credit: Ultra Polishing

Ultra Polishing has expanded its 34-year experience in mold and machined-parts polishing into offering services for polishing 3D-printed plastic molds and parts and printed metals. By adding this capability to its repertoire, the company hopes to provide a readily available service to additive manufacturing (AM) companies that are creating new products via complex dimensions and unconventional materials that require polishing for the mold or part to properly function.

Ultra Polishing notes that moldmakers, molders and OEM’s have integrated its polishing capabilities into their AM R&D and prototyping processes. As a result, Ultra Polishing has invested resources researching and developing new in-house processes utilizing nontraditional materials for polishing printed tools, both plastic and metal. 


  • Teach Yourself Polishing

    Schools for mold polishing do not exist and most veteran polishers don't want to teach the subject, so here are a few simple polishing guidelines.

  • Diamond Polishing Aluminum

    Proven step-by-step instructions for polishing aluminum and useful and accurate pointers for those applications where a diamond finish is not required.

  • How to Optically Polish Aluminum

    There are two methods for optically polishing aluminum - knowing the right one for your project will save you time and money.