Ceramic Super Stones Cover New Grit Range for Semi, Final and Mirror Polishing

DW Sales offers new fine-grits abrasives to its line for optimal surface polishing.


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DW Sales Ceramic Super Stone grit range.

Photo Credit: DW Sales

DW Sales has recently added three new fine grits—1,500, 2,000 and 3,000—to its Ceramic Super Stones range for semi-finishing, final finishing and mirror polishing. Available to the moldmaking industry for more than 20 years, DW Sales says Ceramic Super Stones are ideal for fine detail polishing. Strong and flexible, they are non-loading for use on all metals types, and are said to be thin enough for use in tight ribs and slots.

DW Sales’ Ceramic Super Stones are now available in 12 grits ranging from 80-3,000 in more than 20 sizes.