MMT Chats: Working On and In an Apprenticeship Program

Four years later I follow up with two young moldmaking professionals who continue to help develop the apprenticeship program that got them to where they are today.


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My guests are here to speak about apprenticeships, training, mentorship and careers in mold manufacturing.  They are all from Edro Engineering and Specialty Steels in Pennsylvania.

Meet Nick Carroll in sales, Rob Curran in metallurgy and Mike Guscott who was (and is) instrumental in Nick and Rob’s training. I’ve known Nick and Rob for almost 5 years, and I’ve known Mike for a bit longer than that, as Edro has been a longtime supporter of MoldMaking Technology. 

During this 20-minute conversation, I follow up with Nick and Rob both about their journeys with training, workforce and career development since we first met in 2016.

We start with a snapshot of their education and background as well as their similar start in mold manufacturing, but the different directions their careers took. 

Rob and Nick describe their apprenticeship program—its structure, training materials, goals, monitoring, etc. and what makes it unique.

They also share the role they each played (and continue to play) in updating the program.

For the full conversation click above.