MMT Chat: Safety, Shields and Shuttle Molds

The team from Canon Virginia talks about business during COVID-19, its efforts to help the fight and recent advancements to its Shuttle Mold System.  
#covid-19 #safety


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My guests today hail from Canon Virginia in Newport News Virginia: Wayne Daniel the Director of Business Development, Scott Lundberg, Director of Product Development and Rhonda Bunn Senior Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications.

The last time I saw Canon Virginia was in February in California at MDM West before the outbreak really hit home. I remember walking the aisles and talking with people about the virus, but nothing more than that.

Fast forward to today and here we are … COVID-19 is pretty much all we are talking about.  


So this quick MMT Chat includes some insight from Canon Virginia on the impact of the virus as well as a look at the advancements made to its shuttle mold system. 

Click here for the full 20-minute conversation