2016 Digital "Technology Review and Sourcing Guide" Available

If it's time to upgrade old equipment, try an alternative process, invest in a new strategy or just shop around, MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is the perfect companion to your decision-making process.


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During the past year, we have shared the stories of many mold manufacturers that have expanded facilities, entered new markets, diversified their workload, carved out a specialty, increased marketing efforts, realized the real potential of five-axis machining, achieved true lights-out manufacturing, built automation cells, experimented with additive manufacturing and improved job scheduling, just to name a few many accomplishments. All of this is a testament to the preparedness of our industry, in both the good times and the rough patches.

Our monthly MoldMaking Business Index continues to indicate growth in mold manufacturing activity, so it might be a good time to join the number of aforementioned mold builders that have made advances in their operations. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade old equipment, try an alternative process, invest in a new strategy or just shop around. Technology Review and Sourcing Guide annualTechnology’s MoldMakingis the perfect companion to your decision-making process. Its accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use data on today’s technology, equipment, products and services will ease your research and decision-making.

Our printed guide and online database offer more than 1,000 manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in more than 200 product and service categories you employ daily. To keep this information current, MoldMaking Technology surveys and updates its supplier database every spring with the latest company contact information and product/service offerings. This guide includes a portion of that database alongside special tips and technology reviews published throughout the past year. Each of the 10 sections includes key supplier profiles preceding a sourcing grid tailored to match suppliers with their respective product/service offerings (advertisers are noted in boldface type), followed by technical product and service items, and a tip article.

The 10 sections include:

1. Software

2. Additive Manufacturing

3. Mold Materials

4. Hot Runners

5. Mold Components

6. Cutting Tools

7. Machining

8. EDM

9. Inspection/Measurement

10. Mold Maintenance, Repair and Surface Treatment

The data within this year’s condensed grids appears in its entirety online at moldmakingtechnology.com/suppliers. We encourage you to continue your search for even more of the latest in supplier and product information by visiting the various zones at moldmakingtechnology.com.