Mold Materials

Proper selection of the appropriate mold material is critical to manufacturing a high-quality mold. Tool steel, aluminum, copper and alloys are some of the materials used.
electroslag remelting

Defining Mold Steel Toughness

Consider grades that have undergone the electroslag remelting process.


Are Copper Beryllium Molds Safe?

One study indicates that there is little risk of transfer of beryllium to the finished molded-plastic product.

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New Product

Steel Offers High-Corrosion Resistance for Longer Service Life

With so much happening in a busy show year between NPE2018 and Amerimold 2018, MoldMaking Technology is revisiting some of the technology that was on display. In case you missed it: Uddeholm says that Mirrax ESR possesses a unique combination of qualities across large cross sections to meet the increasing demands of plastic mold tools.

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