Cutting Tool Orders Poised for Growth in 2021

The annual rate of contraction in cutting tool orders has nearly bottomed. And, based on trends in the Gardner Business Index and macroeconomic manufacturing data, cutting tool orders should see double-digit growth by year-end.

Insert, Cutter Tool Range Ensure 90-Degree Shoulder Milling

Double-sided TNGX16 inserts and STN16 cutters from Dormer Pramet cover a large application and material range.

Circle Segment Cutters Prove Fast and Productive Finishing

Walter’s solid-carbide MD838 and MD839 Supreme circle segment cutters perform finishing tasks up to 90% faster than traditional ball nose endmills.

PVD-Grade Insert Reliably Detects Cutting Edge Wear

The Walter Tiger-tec Gold PVD-grade WSP45G insert for milling and drilling operations retains increased wear and temperature resistance for up to up to 75% improvement in performance.

Chip Blower Compatible with Hydraulic and Milling Chucks

The Big Kaiser Chip Blower has an extended steel shank for increased compatibility and can be used with automatic tool changers and programmed into a machining cycle.

Cermet Turning Inserts Delivers Exceptional Surface Finish and Reduced Vibration Tendency

The new PVD-coated cermet grade WEP10C, along with FP2 geometry from Walter USA, boosts productivity and dimensional stability in mass production.

Cutter Range Suited for Precise, High-Speed Machining of Aluminum

The S6 assortment under Dormer Pramet include two, three and four-flutes cutters, with geometries that provide a high-quality surface finish.

Barrel-Shaped End Mill Halves Machine Time

Dormer Pramet’s S791 end mill offers more overlap, achieves a greater area of contact and requires fewer passes.

Exchangeable-Head Drill Insert Grade Makes More Predictable Wear Patterns for Holemaking

The Tungaloy PVD-coated AH9130 insert grade is offered for the DrillForce-Meister line for added process security and tool life improvements in ISO P, M, and K applications.

Multifunctional Drilling/Turning Tool Provides Better Chip Evacuation in Small Bore Operations

The TungBore-Mini line has added eight new toolholders that accommodate its XOMU inserts for light cutting, increased security and ample clearance between the tool and the hole surface.


Integrated Manufacturing System Connects Process Platforms, Streamlines Cutting Tool Production

ANCA’s AIMS uses smart automation and IT integration to connect tool production processes and systems for maximized productivity and end-to-end tool manufacturing.

Through-Coolant and ER-Style Saw Arbors Advance Productivity

RobbJack unveils the the through-coolant slitting saw arbor and ER-style collet integrated saw arbor, which advance productivity and common saw failures.

Cutting Tools and Inserts Deliver High Feed Milling and Versatility

Dormer Pramet’s economical range of high feed cutters and inserts enable productive machining of a variety of materials for die and mold applications.

Face Milling Stainless Steel Cutters, Inserts Deliver Eight Cutting Edges

The Dormer Pramet range offers new insert styles and geometries that deliver high metal removal rates with low cutting force and reduced chatter.

Solid Carbide Five-Flute End Mills Target Dynamic Milling

The Dormer Pramet S7 assortment cover a wide range of operations in a variety of steels, cast irons and difficult-to-machine materials.

Refined Shoulder Milling Cutter Design Offers More Teeth and New Insert Mounting Positions

The expanded Walter USA Xtra-tec XT M5130 family offers greater penetration depth and increased reinforcement for improved tool body productivity.

Solid Ceramic Endmills Execute High Speed and Performance

The Greenleaf XSYTIN-360 endmill line retains a four-flute design that is said to offer ten times higher productivity and improved versatility.

Three-Flute Drill Facilitates Quick Drill Tip Replacement

The Ingersoll TwistSFeed offers an upgraded clamping mechanism and a self-centering point to ensure optimal performance, precision and stability.

February Technology Roundup: Digital-Only

February’s compilation of digital-only products/services covers maintenance and repair, software, cutting tools and automation category offerings.