Do You Know Your Toolroom's Mold Maintenance Documentation Score?

Does your toolroom have a Reactive, Basic, Average, Best Practice or World Class culture when it comes to collecting and using Industry 4.0-type mold maintenance documentation? Steve Johnson and Glenn Keith of MoldTrax will help you answer that question during this FREE webinar on March 30 at 2PM EST.

Free Webinar: Score Your Shop's Mold Maintenance Documentation

Mark your calendars to attend a free webinar on March 30 at 2PM EST that will help you score your shop’s Industry 4.0 mold maintenance documentation practices.

7 Ways to Simplify Mold Modifications

Creating new molds for every new iteration can be a resource-intensive exercise. Modifying existing molds can save time and money.

WEBINAR: How Does Your Toolroom Stack Up?

Free webinar on March 30 at 2PM EST offers live scorecard activity that will reveal your toolroom’s 4.0 Mold Maintenance Documentation Capabilities.  

February Technology Roundup: Digital-Only

February’s compilation of digital-only products/services covers maintenance and repair, software, cutting tools and automation category offerings.

What Is Scientific Maintenance? Part 1

Part one of this three-part series explains how to create a scientific maintenance plan based on a toolroom’s current data collection and usage.
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Technology Roundup: Mold Repair, Surface Treatment, Misc.

MMT provides a brief glimpse at the mold repair, surface treatment and miscellaneous products/services highlighted in the February print and digital issue. Check them out now!

Laser Welding System Meets Smaller Footprint, Affordable Price

Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales releases the ID-1 Fixed Workstation, a system designed by moldmakers for moldmakers and engineered to repair inserts, components and smaller tooling.

One-Stop Shop Mold Surface Repair Services

High Tech Laser & Polishing is ideal for a wide offering of laser welding, polishing and laser engraving amenities to save on shipping costs and reduce lead times.

Manual Fiber Laser Welding Workstations Enhance Laser Precision Quality

The manual FiberStar 8800 Series and FiberStar 8900 from LaserStar Technologies offers a versatile range of common welding and material applications.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Produces High-Quality Outputs for Mold and Tool Shops

Blue Wave Ultrasonic Inc. manufactures heavy duty ultrasonic cleaning systems for the mold and tooling industry. Their heavy duty equipment can tolerate the heavy cycle times and high temperatures needed to produce high-quality outputs for mold and tool shops.

Dry Ice Provides Optimum Range of Possibilities in Parts Cleaning Process

Cold Jet LLC showcases how they use dry ice (solid CO2) in their parts cleaning process.

When It Comes to Shop Safety, Think Beyond Pallets and Blocks

More often than not when touring a shop I see a unique approach to solving an everyday problem. This time it was a shop full of big, heavy molds that were not sitting on pallets or blocks across the the floor. Instead, they were sitting on top of small, plastic feet.

Precision Laser Technology Offers Wide Range of Global Laser Engraving Services, Welding

Texturing, engraving, welding and direct part marking are just a few services PLT offers mold builders. An experienced team and enhanced technologies ensure unmatched quality, precision and speed.

Bio-Based Mold Polish Offers Low VOC Count

The Slide Mold Polish formula effectively cleans mold surfaces. Non-hazardous and non-corrosive, the polish wipes on and off without leaving a residue.

Rust Preventative Spray Formulated With Food-Approved Active Ingredients

NSF registered H-1, Slide Products’ White Rhino is ideal for molding operations requiring food-approved ingredients, including medical molding.

Laser Welder Achieves Wide-Range, In-House Repairs

The Sunstone Welder Combo 200 Laser avoids expensive repairs and costly revenue losses with a smooth, near-polished, blemish-free weld. 

Micro Welder Simplifies Mold and Die Repair

Rocklin’s MoldMender Micro Welder delivers simple and cost-effective mold and die repair in-house through a low heat, non-arcing welding process.

From CAM, Cutters and Cooling to Corrosion, Cleaning and Control

A review of the year’s top tips on technologies and strategies to improve moldmaking operations from design to first shot.