WEBINAR: Roll Don’t Slide: Flexibility and Reduced Wear Are Key Benefits to New Guiding and Centering Systems

A free webinar takes a look at guiding and centering system options for injection molds that lengthen mold life and save money, among other benefits.

Low-Leakage Temperature Control System Ensures Maximum Safety

The Hasco system showcases improved and robust quick-release couplings that guarantees safe and independent coupling with a maximum flow rate and a small, low-pressure drop.

Cavity Interlocks Offer Precise Alignment of Small Molds

Progressive Components expands alignment lock product line with the Cavity, Flat Cavity and Round Cavity Interlocks for precise alignment.

Versatile Sprue Adjusters Suited to Large Parts

CUMSA’s new 24-mm-diameter sprue adjusters are compatible with nozzle sizes up to 22 mm, as well as with both trapezoidal and full round runners.

Free CAD Tool Streamlines Design and Part Ordering

Meusburger is releasing its Meusburger NX CAD tool for Siemens NX CAD systems free of charge. The tool automatically adjusts mold parts based on user input and includes quick access to Meusburger-specific data.

Stainless Steel Cooling Range Guarantees Reliable, Leak-Proof Temperature Control

Hasco’s cooling range is a clean and reliable temperature control system for effectively cooling injection molds when using hot or cold water or heat-transfer oil. 

Switching from Solid Carbide to Indexable Tooling Permits Lights Out Mold Base Manufacturing

The unique design of small-diameter, indexable high-feed milling cutters eliminates cutter breakage, improves productivity, and allows lights out mold base manufacturing.  

Plug-And-Play Mold Monitoring Provides Transparent, Efficient Processes

A plug-and-play mold monitoring device, which takes intelligence into the tool without the complexity often associated with Industry 4.0, helps mold owners who continue to struggle with monitoring their molds.  

Ejector Pin Guarantees Fast and Targeted Ventilation

Meusburger’s E 1770 is a solution developed to guarantee minimum effort for customers and to avoid the “diesel effect” during the injection process.

Positive Locking Cylinder Permits Safe Locking

Hasco’s positive locking cylinder Z2302/... is suitable for use with core pulls and mold slides and enables service temperatures up to 180°C.


EZ Slider Eliminates Need for Traditional Slide and Lifter Components

Michmar Engineering announces the EZ Slider, which eliminates the need for traditional slide and lifter components.

K Show Report: Next-Level Efficiency and Control

With a show as big as K 2019 with more than 3,000 exhibitors from 63 nations, you may think that identifying a theme among all the technology would be difficult, but after all is said and done, two words come to mind: efficiency and control.

VIDEO: How Monitoring A Mold's Activity Helps Improve Mold Performance

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges interviews Lorena Fisher of Progressive Components to learn why mold monitoring is so critical for optimizing a mold's productivity.

High-Performance Unscrewing Device for Multi-Cavity Molds

DME’s servo unscrewing device for injection molds, has the ability to rotate the core itself 180º for 2 shot applications, unscrew then eject after the second shot.

Standardized Slide Units Reduce Production Cost

Hotset America’s slide units ensure easy exchange, are directly tailored to the moldmaker and reduce overall product costs. 

Mold Inserts Ensure Versatile Traceability Solutions

DME is providing customers with mold inserts for date, part and resin identification. 

Daters and Center Inserts Provide Continuous Quality and Reliability

CUMSA USA continues to provide continuous reliability and quality with its stainless steel original daters and center insert components.

Ejector Sleeves Extend to Greaseless Applications and Larger Size Range

From black nitride (BN) ejector sleeves, to 300 new sizes in its H-13 ejector sleeve range, Progressive Components has expanded its ejector sleeve offerings for customers. 

Dynamic Mold Venting Valve Resolves Poor Cavity Venting

The DMS dynamic SGD mold venting valve allows air and resin gases to dissipate via a venting channel, ensuring the production of quality parts.