Technology Roundup: What's New for Moldmaking

MMT highlights a diverse range of digital-only products/services in the mold components, hot runners and machining categories. Check them out here!

External Latch Lock Reliably Controls Mold Plate Sequencing

The DME EZ-LATCH patent-pending lock design provides a long-lasting, more reliable easy-to-install lock for plate sequencing.

Mold Undercut Release System Adjusts Misaligned Plates

Cylindrical Unilifter C-Gib from Progressive Components is redesigned for smooth X- and Y-axis rotational adjustment, improved wear resistance, compatibility and new core blade offerings.

Side Lock Alignment Delivers More Precise Alignment and Holding Power

The DME LT-Series LifeTime Roller Lock offers an improved design and three advanced materials to address the need for improved mold alignment in high-precision molding applications.

Mold Components Target Route Cooling Lines

Progressive Components offers mold designers more route cooling line options within the tool with Diverting Rods, Seal Cores and O-Rings.

High-Cavitation Custom Mold Bases Ensure Precise Alignment

Edro produces a variety of high-cavitation custom mold bases under temperature-controlled environments and close inspection for complete accuracy and precision.

Aluminum Bronze Slide Assembly Component Reduces Maintenance, Improves Tool Reliability

SelfLube’s one-part slide solution designed to run in a T-slot cut in a base plate brings about better alignment, simplifies part exchange, allows faster cycle times.

IoT Mold Sensors, Mobile Application Attain More Accurate Digital Mold Management 

eMoldino’s next-generation solution anticipates improvements in quality, scope and reach for more accurate and advanced data capture through a more intuitive experience.

Unscrewing Device Alleviates Mold Unscrewing Difficulties

The Threadformer from Superior Die Set easily unscrews molds without compromising the part with a guaranteed precise thread start position.

Technology Roundup: Hot Runners and Mold Components

MMT offers a sneak-peek at the 23 hot runner and mold component products/services offered to moldmakers and highlighted in the upcoming April issue. 


Hydraulic Mechanical Quick Mold Change for Aluminum Molds

The PFA Hydra-Jaws QMC system replaces common mechanical clamp systems and through bolt fastening methods with an easy-to-operate hydraulic mechanical clamping system.

Ease Core-Pulling Installation with Compact Undercut-Relief Device

Patent-pending mechanism simplifies design, machining, installation vs. traditional slides/lifters, eliminates components and uses less space without sacrificing reliability.

EZ Slider Eliminates Need for Traditional Slide and Lifter Components

Michmar Engineering announces the EZ Slider, which eliminates the need for traditional slide and lifter components.

Sprue Adjuster Offers Melt Flow Flexibility

CUMSA Sprue Adjusters are now offered in a a Ø24-mm diameter. Suitable for molded parts which require larger runner gates, components enable easy melt flow direction change.

Guide System Offers Precise Positioning in One System

The Agathon Guide System Plus performs guiding and centering tasks for the precise positioning of mold halves/mold components using only one system, increasing planning reliability, boosting productivity and reducing overall production costs.   

Smith Enterprises Presents Custom Core Pins with Expanded DedTru Grinding Capacity

Smith Enterprises will be exhibiting its wide range of custom core pins for high-cavitation molds at Amerimold 2021.

Dynamic Internal Valves Overcome Standard Mold Venting Limitations

The Ermanno Balzi Internal Dynamic Valves SGD and ejectors SGDE showcase  a larger venting surface and punctual positioning of the valve for better quality parts.

Thermal Protection Hose Enhance Occupational Safety

A braided textile glass fiber and a silicone foam coating meets injection mold temperature control requirements, improved mechanical properties and ease of use.

Leaf Spring Roll Stopper Locks In Slide Bodies' End Position

The Meusburger E 3050 leaf spring roll stopper offers two variations that enable retaining forces up to 140 N. Components guarantee minimal friction and no play.