Integrating automation technologies and strategies is key for improving overall mold manufacturing operations. Challenges and solutions for achieving a level of lights-out machining/ unattended operations are met via the use of a variety of automation options including, robots, work cells, tool management and software.
Automated EDM cell at X-Cell Tool and Mold in Fairview, PA.

Leadtime Leader Q&A: X-Cell Tool and Mold on Automation

X-Cell Tool and Mold discusses how automation is used to increase machine utilization and reduce costs.

Seasoned Moldmakers and Advanced Technologies Give Del-Tool A Cutting-Edge Advantage

For Del-Tool Co. Inc., a seasoned crew using automation, five-axis CNC and shop management software is the edge needed for continued success.
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Robot Cell Developed for Flexible Production of Different Batch Sizes

The Fastems RoboCell One features adaptable and flexible machining, particularly heavy workpieces within batches of different sizes.

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