Solid Carbide End Mills Offer Four Cutting Actions in a Single Tool

Originally titled 'Solid Carbide End Mills Offer Four Cutting Actions in a Single Tool'
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Millstar Quad Force Tooling System offers 4-in-1 performance versatility.


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Millstar says its new Quad Force Machining Tooling System provides maximum flexibility by way of its innovative hybrid geometry. The company says the line of solid carbide end mills is capable of four cutting actions in a single tool, making it a cost-efficient solution for diverse application challenges in mold and die making.


QFM’s hybrid design combines high feed geometry, variable flute geometry, variable helix geometry, and off set geometry. This unique combination allows users to seamlessly integrate multiple machining operations including high feed machining, trochoidal machining, side/slot milling and plunge milling.

Millstar’s QFM end mills are said to offer superior metal removal rates in soft or hard tool/die steels, stainless steels and titanium. Their state-of-the-art geometry provides accuracy and repeatability while achieving greater depth of cut and preventing side vibrations. The durable QFM Tooling System also features a multi-layer hybrid nanocoating for excellent heat resistance and high hardness, which facilitates higher productivity and longer tool life.

Quad Force Machining end mills are made in the United States.


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