Plastic Injection Molder Enhances Automation and Cell Manufacturing Capacity

X-Cell Tool & Mold emphasizes a continuous investment in automated technologies such as its five-axis machining cell and soft milling cell to reduce machine uptime, improve throughput.


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X-Cell Tool & Mold automated technologies.

Photo Credit: X-Cell Tool & Mold

According to MoldMaking Technology 2019 Leadtime Leader Award winner X-Cell Tool & Mold, with an increase of higher cavitation tools comes longer machine runtimes. In order to reduce uptime, as well as get steel to the heat treater faster, the company says it continues to invest and grow its technologies. This includes the addition of a new automated soft milling cell to generate increased throughput, as well as an automated five-axis PX30i machining cell from Yasda. The cell is equipped with a 33-position pallet-changing robot, a 326-position tool changer and a Chip Blaster to supply high-pressure coolant. Overall, the company notes that investment in automation has achieved higher record-setting machine utilization rates.

X-Cell notes that it will continue to grow and move forward under its new ownership, as Sybridge Technology pursues capital investment into X-Cell Tool and Mold with the addition of new technology like cell manufacturing.