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As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Automated EDM cell at X-Cell Tool and Mold in Fairview, PA.

Leadtime Leader Q&A: X-Cell Tool and Mold on Automation
X-Cell Tool and Mold discusses how automation is used to increase machine utilization and reduce costs.

An X-Cell Tool and Mold team member sets up a Yasda for lights-out machining.

2019 Leadtime Leader Award Winner: X-Cell Tool and Mold Inc.–The Continuous Drive for Perfection
Continued investment in new technologies and automation has enabled this moldmaker to maintain shorter lead times no matter how large or complex the mold build.

Custom Mold & Design Chases Complex Mold and Production Part Projects with Top-of-the-Line Five-Axis, Screw, Mill/Turn, Additive and Molding Machines
Unique business model—with an eye on complex projects and an arsenal of machine technology to meet the required accuracy levels—raises the bar in mold and machined component manufacturing.

New EDM cell at Fairway Injection Molds

Strategic Shifts Enable Growth for Fairway Injection Molds
Since its 2017 acquisition by Westfall Technik Inc., Fairway Injection Molds has been making many strategic changes to its infrastructure in preparation for growth.

Methods technology event

Methods Machine Tools Celebrates 60 Years in Business in 2018
Methods Machine Tools celebrates its 60th anniversary by looking back on how it has grown as a company.

Image showing the details and sizes of mold cavities typically machined using 100 percent hard milling.

Hard Milling Gives Eden Tool a Competitive Advantage
Hard milling proves to be a strategic advantage for a small mold shop that runs lean and serves the medical device market.

An HMC with a pallet changer and modular fixturing system

Technology Showcase: Case Studies for MoldMaking
It’s time for another foray into past case study features that have been published in MoldMaking Technology Magazine.

okuma machine

Technology Showcase: Case Studies, Part 2
For the many differences between moldmaking companies that I’ve observed, there are just as many similarities, and by that I mean challenges shared. You may find some solutions here.


Technology Showcase: Case Studies
Here’s a Technology Showcase review of past case studies that you may have seen, but that may also be worth another look.

Methods Machine Tools Yasda YBM 9150 CNC jig borer

CNC Jig Borer Offers Ample Work Envelope for Moldmaking
Despite its space-saving footprint, the three-axis Yasda YBM 9150 CNC jig borer, available from Methods Machine Tools, features a large work envelope and XYZ-axis travel of 61" × 37" × 18" (1,500 × 900 × 540 mm), making it well-suited for applications such as mold bases.

Five-Axis Solution to High Mold Surface Finish Accuracy
A five-axis vertical CNC jig boring-milling machine that offers the exceptionally high accuracy needed for moldmaking.

hyperMill software

CAM Software/Machine Matchup Saves Time, Boosts Efficiency
A five-axis machining center and better CAM software helped this mold shop dramatically improve throughput and profitability.

5-Axis VMC Features Direct-Drive Spindle
Collaboratively designed and built by Methods Machine Tools and Yasada, the PX30i five-axis automated vertical machining center features a direct-drive spindle with self-adjusting preload, designed for improved performance and increased spindle life.

Methods Machine Tools Appoints Die and Mold Project Manager
Methods Machine Tools, Inc. hires Jeff Johnson to its Yasda Precision Product Management team as Die and Mold Project Manager.

Methods, Yasda Collaborate on 5-Axis VMC
This week at IMTS 2014, Methods Machine Tools introduced the Methods-Yasda PX30i  five-axis automated vertical machining center, collaboratively designed, engineered and built by the two companies.

Vertical Jig Boring/Milling Machine Cuts Need for Hand Polishing
The Yasda YBM 640V3 three-axis CNC vertical jig borer from Methods Machine Tools is designed for high-speed, precision boring and milling operations in mold, die and complex-component manufacturing.

5-Axis Jig Borer
Yasda Precision America Corporation (Elk Grove Village, IL) has unveiled a 5-axis jig borer that features 5-axis machining technology and is capable of high precision die and mold machining of extremely hard materials in complicated shapes.

5-Axis Jig Borer for Mold Machining
Yasda Precision America Corporation, the leader in ultra-precise machining centers, has unveiled a 5-axis jig borer that exceeds all precision and productivity expectations.

Thermoplastic medical device components

Magor Mold: 40 Years and Counting
Alliances with a medical molding facility and operations overseas allow this producer of high cavitation valve molds for the medical industry to grow and continue thriving.

The Need for Speed
The trend for higher speeds in machining technology has moldmakers scrambling for the cash to purchase this equipment and the subsequent training to bring them "up to speed".

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