Machining Centers Designed for Complex Parts and Tough Materials

Kitmura introduces the Mycenter-HX250iG and Mycenter-HX500iG#50.


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Kitamura has two horizontal machining centers. The Mycenter-HX250iG is ultra compact and has a high speed of 30,000 rpm spindle and a fifth axis (table on table). This particular center can also come with a standard 15,000 rpm spindle, an optional 10-station pallet pool and 102T magazine. This variation offers flexible, lean manufacturing capabilities. It has a high power, high-speed processing Arumatik-Mi CNC with 67 million pulse coder technology. The Mycenter-HX250iG center requires less set-up time and is designed for small, detailed, highly accurate, complex parts.

The Mycenter-HX500iG#50 has features like Kitamura’s in-house induction-hardened solid box way construction, 12,000 rpm four-step geared, dual contact spindle, patented twin ballscrew design, rapids of 60 m/min (2,362 ipm) and quick integral drive, fourth axis technology. A 500-mm performance package assembled with craftsmanship in hand-scraping from the ground up. It offers accuracy and rigidity for the toughest and most difficult-to-machine materials.