Machine Monitoring Software Enables Remote Access of Key Data

Kitamura’s Anywhere-Remote enables access of machine information through email. The adaptor makes it possible to get information remotely from in-house machine monitoring software.

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Kitamura Machinery Of USA Inc. has an IoT platform partnership with FactoryWiz Monitornig and DNC, which powers Anywhere-Remote across Kitamura’s Arumatik-Mi series control protocol. Anywhere Remote includes email status updates and machine monitoring software suites that range from basic plug and play packages to those that are customized to suit each individual customer’s application. Anywhere-Remote also includes the MTConnect ready Adaptor (basic), which harnesses real-time, big data to boost shop floor efficiency. Anywhere-Remote email status update technology enables the user to automatically receive live, machine production data anywhere, anytime via email to desktop, smartphones and mobile devices based on preset variables. The basic version of the Anywhere-Remote machine monitoring software suite includes configurable dashboard displays that show a variety of information in real time, providing visual manufacturing material to the shop floor and to manufacturing management, maintenance and quality departments. The Anywhere-Remote MTConnect Ready Adaptor (Basic) enables end users to readily and easily adapt machines to the in-house machine monitoring software protocols that the end users already own.

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