Low-Leakage Temperature Control System Ensures Maximum Safety

The Hasco system showcases improved and robust quick-release couplings that guarantees safe and independent coupling with a maximum flow rate and a small, low-pressure drop.


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Hasco low-leakage temperature control unit

Photo Credit: Hasco America, Inc.

Hasco America’s new, low-leakage temperature control system offers user maximum safety during uncoupling, and improved tightness and durability.

Featuring flat end sealing surfaces, the system shuts off on both sides to enable low-leakage and a clean open and close under pressure. One-handed quick-release couplings showcase a long and precise guidance for the sealing nipple. This guarantees safe and independent coupling with a maximum flow rate and a small, low-pressure drop. Made of 2.0401 (brass) and 1.4305 (stainless steel), the quick-release couplings are also made robust against vibrations and movements. The stainless-steel versions are ideal for use in medical and cleanroom technology applications.

The couplings are also said to be suitable for high-temperature applications as a function of the cooling medium, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting production process.