Latest Software Version Offers Process Reliability

Open Mind Technologies AG introduces hyperMILL 2019.2, a new version of its comprehensive CAD/CAM software suite.


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Open Mind Technologies AG introduces hyperMILL 2019.2, a new version of its comprehensive CAD/CAM software suite. The latest software includes high-precision 3D finishing, five-axis tangent machining, high-performance turning and CAD-for-CAM technologies.

When using the 3D shape Z-level finishing cycle, the software offers a high precision surface mode option that ensures ultra-smooth surfaces with tolerances in the micron range, saving time on post-machining finishing processes. The smooth overlap function improves surface finish and is available in many cycles. The transition regions for steep and shallow machining have a small overlap including a slightly lifted cutter, resulting in perfect finishes with imperceptible transitions. The hyperCAD-S global fitting function is directly integrated into the CAM strategy for five-Axis tangent machining. With this function, multiple faces can be joined into one face with a controlled ISO orientation. The principle of using CAD elements for CAM programming is also applied for example, to an automatic face extension where the bounding surfaces are automatically extended during programming to improve the edges of the machined surfaces. These dedicated CAD utilities streamline CAM programming and provide tested and proven methodologies.

The latest version of hyperMILL Maxx Machining offers process reliability for high-performance turning by providing tool life monitoring which restricts tool use by the distance covered, the number of toolpaths or a time limit. If the defined limit is reached, a retract macro is generated automatically and the job ends.

Full-text searching is now available in the macro database and users can define machine and material groups as defaults to make it easier to select macros. Hole feature linking enables CAD feature model changes to automatically transfer to the software. Since design changes in CAD are associatively linked with the CAM, users can quickly and securely make updates.

Helpful when working with very large parts, hyperCAD-S calculates the workpiece mass and center of mass with a material definition including for solid, mesh and stock models. The undercut function makes it possible to detect undercut areas on components quickly and reliably. In addition, the local curvature analysis function makes it possible to detect curvature radii on components. The minimum curvature radius, which often plays the biggest role, is output immediately, and the best possible lead angles or tool radii for machining curved faces can be determined.


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