Laser Engraving Solution Combines Technologies for Affordability

A new laser engraving solution from Alliance combines technologies (machining, lasers and software) while maintaining affordability.


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In most cases, laser engraving is the most efficient and accurate technology for achieving clean crisp logos, markings, part numbers or whatever the desired results. However, companies often use difficult-to-program CNC processes or experience limitations with other engraving technologies when parts that are too large or too heavy rule out the use of a traditional closed engraving system.

A new laser engraving solution marries the technology of the past with that of the future, while maintaining affordability. The NGRV2 laser engraving system from Alliance, which the company says is coined “the moldmaker’s laser engraver,” retrofits a Bridgeport-style machine with an IPG laser, a U.S.-sourced scan head, coupled with Alliance Laser software for design and implementation. The system features a 36-square-inch field size, programmable x and y travel for a larger engraving surface area, automated rotary function, 750-lb weight capacity and easy-to-operate software. Alliance can also take a shop’s retired Bridgeport and add the IPG system.