Custom Core Pins Expand DedTru Grinding Capacity

Smith Enterprises’ wide range of custom core pins for high-cavitation molds offer accurate tolerances and concentricity within 0.001 and 0.0002 inches.


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Smith Enterprises custom core pins.

Photo Credit: Smith Enterprises

Smith Enterprises’ custom core pins expand DedTru machining systems’ grinding capacity with dimensional repeatability and accurate tolerances and concentricity within 0.001 and 0.0002 in. Ideal for medical and electronic applications, the core pins are suited for high-cavitation molds running 24/7. Consistent dimension control enables simple core pin replacement at required maintenance intervals. 

With the use of double-drawn M-2, Smith says its DedTru grinding is capable of holding demanding radii up to 0.0015/0.002 in. and a 5-10 micro finish. Moreover, a recent COVID-19 syringe project of more than 500 core pins resulted in consistent tolerance control of 0.00080-0.00015 in. on molding tip diameters down to 0.010 in.

Smith specializes in M-2 , H-13, 420SS and other alloy steels. More than 400 diameters are offered when combined with pre-heat-treated M-2 and H-13 pin offerings.