Integrated Cascade Control Unit Ensures Control Over Melt Flow

Conscious of space, the integration of VCON with the profiTEMP+ in one cabinet enables independent valve gate nozzle adjustment for more control.


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Meusburger profiTEMP + VCON cabinet

In the hot runner field, Meusburger has achieved the combination of a VCON controller with the profiTEMP+ in one cabinet for a space-saving and service-friendly design. The innovation accomplishes optimum injection molding results via sequential control of the melt flow. During the opening or closing of the valve pin, it is possible to control the various pin positions hydraulically in staggered modes. This enables avoidance of visible defects on molded parts for cascaded filling of injection molded parts with several injection points. An intuitive touch screen operation shows the processes, displays the individual sealing phases and allows the data to be read out via USB for documentation.

This product additionally offers integrated handling of temperature and cascade control and an inexpensive changeover from hydraulic hot runner systems to varioFILL advanced.