Direct Gated Valve Gate Component for More Controlled Melt Flow

The SoftGate Velocity VG pin from INCOE allows for a “gentle” plastic flow to eliminate blemishes to the decorative film.


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Results of the SoftGate Velocity VG pin.

Photo Credit: INCOE

Several years ago, INCOE recognized the challenge of direct valve gating a part while overmolding film or fabric in mold decorating. Using control technology, the company’s SoftGate Velocity VG pin enables these applications to be direct gated. This allows for the “gentle” flow of plastic into the cavity, eliminating blemishes that can occur with uncontrolled flow.

The impact caused by melt flowing abruptly into the cavity after a conventional valve gate nozzle has been opened can be seen in the image detail above: After SoftGate was switched off, the decorative film broke in the gate area.