MultiPin Actuator Supports Multiple Valve Gate Nozzle Interconnections

The INCOE pneumatic MultiPin valve gate actuator has a user-friendly valve pin, quick coupling and can accept up to 4 gate valves. 


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INCOE multipin actuator accepts 2, 3 or 4 gate valves

For valve gate applications in which multiple nozzles have to be positioned in the most confined space, and need to be opened and closed simultaneously, hot runner manufacturer INCOE has developed the pneumatic MultiPin valve gate actuator in two sizes and included them in its range of products.

Based on the proven PE pneumatic units and designed for the (Slim) DF 5 and (Slim) DF 8 nozzle series, the MultiPin actuators is said to support the interconnection of up to four valve gate nozzles with cylindrical valve pin tip (ZTT). The product also highlights a quick coupling, which has been developed for easier maintenance and assembly. With a single set screw, INCOE notes that all valve pins can reliably be locked or released simultaneously, to enable dismantling of the actuator housing, for example, without having to remove the valve pins from the nozzles.

In addition to simple and reliable handling for mold makers and fitters, INCOE says the emphasis in developing MultiPin actuators was on integrating a standardized product that would allow the designer to implement multiple valve gate nozzles without having to resort to custom solutions involving special components. The standardized adapter plates for the MultiPin actuators can accept 2, 3 or 4 gate valves, and a pin stroke of 6.5 or 8.5 mm is possible. Depending on size, nozzle series and the number of attached valve gate nozzles, pitch dimensions between the nozzles with a minimum of 25 mm and a maximum of 63 mm can be implemented.

The MultiPin actuator is directly mounted on the manifold. With its novel design, the connecting elements between manifold and actuator require no additional cooling.