Cutting Tools and Accessories Deliver MRO Needs

Dormer Pramet offers a comprehensive range of MRO drills, surface treatments and more for increased reliability and cost-effective results. 


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Dormer Pramet cutting tools and accessories for MROs

Precision Twist Drill (PTD), Union Butterfield and Dormer are just a few  brands representing cutting tools and accessories that Dormer Pramet has created for MRO professionals. Easy to select and comprehensive for MRO needs, Dormer Pramet has identified drills, taps, dies, reamers, end mills and rotary burrs that will deliver reliable and cost-effective results in portable and machine applications and in a wide range of operating conditions for various materials.

The selection of drills in the program highlights MRO drills that cover most ferrous applications and are suitable for use in portable drilling, drill presses and other operations within this segment, including the HSS R10 series for right hand drilling, HSS L10 series for left hand drilling, and the carbide DC series for center drills. Drill availability can be found in jobber length (301JD style), heavy duty jobber length (331HD, 332HD, 333HD styles), mechanics length with “tri-flat” shanks (321MD style), stub length (331SM, 332SM styles) and S&D reduced shank (341SD, 342SD styles) drills. There is a specific selection for sheet metal and spot weld drilling.

Further, the program contains conventional 118-degree point geometries as well as 135-degree self-centering split points for more challenging applications. Sets within each style are available in a rust resistant, water and shatter proof case for easy carrying and all-inclusive use. 

The MRO segment offer extends into drills, taps, combination drill and tap tools, dies, reamers, countersinks, counterbores, end mills, carbide rotary burrs, drilling and tapping fluids and accessories. Within this offer there are different surface treatments to cover the wide range of MRO operating conditions. Surface treatments are also offered to cover the wide range of MRO operating conditions. 

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