ORDERFOX.com Becomes Association of Manufacturing Technology Member

Orderfox.com announces it has become a member of the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT).


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Orderfox.com announces it has become a member of the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT). With Orderfox.com, buyers and CNC manufacturers can digitize their work processes and benefit significantly. Buyers gain direct access to available capacity, and manufacturers find available CNC orders instantly – locally, nationally or globally.

“Our reason to become an AMT member was simple, our strategies and focus on the advancement of US Manufacturing and the support of the Industry Sector as a whole align,” says Brian J. Smith, president of Orderfox.com America. “Orderfox was conceived to benefit both manufacturers and buyers by finding them the right production partners quickly and efficiently, as well as offer other features needed in today’s fast-paced environment. We are not here to reduce revenues with high commissions, forced pricing or hidden fees, we pride ourselves on 100% transparency,” states Smith. The company plans to work with AMT and its member companies in many ways to help advance the U.S. industry sector. The focus will be on U.S. buyers and manufacturers specifically, so as to help them navigate the new digital world of procurement and Industry 4.0, whether they require it locally or globally.

Buyers can autonomously manage all of their procurement challenges and have full use of Orderfox.com for free, saving time and money in the process. Sourcing and procurement processes can be improved, be significantly easier and more cost-effective, while the entire supply chain becomes more transparent. Workflows are digitized and data is generated in real time. The company also opens up direct access to over 12,000 highly qualified CNC manufacturers within all processing technologies with immediately availability capacity and provides a free RFQ Service for managing and placing Buyer RFQs.

The company’s newly developed order management system on facilitates secure and efficient RFQ creation, organization and communication, all with just one tool. Local, national or global RFQs are created with just a few clicks, and are immediately visible to all users in the selected regions. Buyers can also optimize their RFQs using numerous filters, such as filters for exclusive partners, company blacklists, the NDA function and much more. As added value, the company is offering a new free RFQ placement service, whereby the local US-based Orderfox team will work with buyers to help manage and place their RFQs for them, all the buyer will need to do is approve and publish.

CNC manufacturers can find hundreds of orders every month that perfectly match their machine fleet. No matter where in the world a suitable RFQ has been created, manufacturers receive a corresponding e-mail within 10 minutes and can respond immediately. In addition, they can search for special orders themselves and submit a quote directly. Manufacturers can optimize their capacities quickly and easily, and increase their revenue. The quote management system enables all issued quotes and quote correspondence to be managed securely and completely in just a few clicks, including saving searches and subscribing to e-mail notifications.

In an effort to help U.S. manufacturers grow and expand their business, the company is posing significant resources to enlist the right Buyer targets for all related industries. In addition to a 7-day free trial, the company is running a new user promotion throughout November and December for all AMT manufacturing members, providing a 50% discount on the annual membership price. To be eligible for this AMT member promotion register with promo code: ORDERFOXAMT