4/22/2014 | 5 MINUTE READ

Interview with EuroMold Trade Fair Manager

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Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Döring, Trade Fair Manager of EuroMold – World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development

Q&A with Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Döring, Trade Fair Manager of EuroMold – World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development.

Dr. Döring, EuroMold is a highlight of the business year for many companies. Why is that?

- Firstly, the trade fair is a communication platform for representatives from along the entire process chain, "from the design, to the prototype, to series production". We bring industrial designers, product developers, processors, suppliers and users together. There is no comparable trade fair where you have this type of scope with regard to the industrial sector represented. And the true social network is still personal contact: People share their thoughts face-to-face, present genuinely good products, discuss exciting ideas and exchange opinions as to which direction developments are heading. Many exhibitors and visitors consider this absolute added value.


So for you as the organizer of the trade fair, EuroMold is more than just an exhibition?

- Absolutely! We have been providing the entire industry with a global point of reference for more than 20 years. EuroMold closes the gap between designers and engineers like no other trade fair in the world. Alongside the aspect of exchange just mentioned, with our conferences, symposia and workshops we offer a platform for the most cutting edge discussions and findings in the area of application development.


Are investments made right there at the trade fair?

- Yes, that is the EuroMold tradition. The much-celebrated "Business to Business" approach is a tangible reality at EuroMold. Everyone who is anyone meets together at EuroMold: Management staff, buyers and experts. The exhibitors continually provide us with positive feedback regarding the ideal synergy effects and the specific business deals closed at the trade fair, and of course during the period following EuroMold.


Why do companies and industry professionals return to EuroMold time and again?

- Not least because EuroMold outlines strategies for the faster, cheaper and more efficient development and manufacture of new products. In the modern economy this fact is taking on an increasingly significant role.


Why are there five partner trade fairs abroad?

- The concept behind this is "think global, act local". Every market is a little different and has certain points of focus. Of course it goes without saying that our international trade fairs follow our basic principle of representing the entire process chain, however, they each have their own individual, local character. We don't view the concept as a rigid template but rather more of a flexible structure. Therefore we are in regular contact with our exhibitors, who help us to re-align the trade fair with their requirements each year.


Do you observe cultural differences in the global marketing of the EuroMold trade fair concept?

- These naturally exist. Trade fairs are not a European creation. The principle of the exchanging of goods and ideas is almost as old as humanity itself. For this reason, each trade fair is tailored to the respective region and to the needs of the regional markets. Through exchanging ideas with other markets, we are continually learning and can continually develop and improve as a whole.


What significance do moldmaking and tooling, design and application development have for Germany as an economic location – including with regard to the European and global competition?

- Almost every aspect of our modern lives uses products or components that were initially realized as the result of innovative moldmaking and tooling: from dental technology to aerospace solutions. The basis for the success of "Made in Germany" can be found in the most important "raw materials" that we have at our disposal in Germany: ideas and expertise. Germany plays a prominent role when it comes to high-quality, cost-efficient and innovative products. This is recognized and valued by European and global competitors.


In your opinion, how is the moldmaking and tooling, design and application development industry set to develop further? In which main areas is there still development potential? And how is German industry positioned in this regard?

- Globalization is posing new challenges for the industry. An electronic file is all you need to be able to produce around the world. However, at the beginning of the process chain there are still the developers. Industrial nations such as Germany have a great tradition in this regard, which will also carry them forward in the future. Now this doesn't mean that German companies can rest on their laurels. They must continually find new niches, identify potential and develop markets in order to set themselves apart from the international competition. In future, cooperation and communication will increasingly be two of the most significant aspects for the industry. Therefore the future of moldmaking and tooling, design and application development remains: EuroMold.


What is the "future vision" for EuroMold? How will the trade fair look in 10 years?

- As a leading global trade fair, EuroMold will continue to be an indispensable point of reference for the entire tooling, engineering and product development industry. At no other venue in the world do exhibitors receive insight into the most recent technologies, products and trends in such a short period of time. This isn't set to change any time soon. We also want to continue as the world's largest communication platform, offering unique opportunity for synergy between industrial sectors. Specifically, in the coming years we are planning to grow sustainably and to maintain our high level of quality. With regard to our international sister trade fairs, there are still some regions – for example in Central America – that definitely have the potential to be considered for this type of trade fair. So you can see that we have big plans for EuroMold!

EuroMold - World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development - celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2013. Based on the process chain "from design to prototype to series", it presents products and services, technologies and innovations, trends and tendencies for the markets of the future. The EuroMold process chain promotes the formation of networks, partnerships and business relationships. EuroMold offers a unique trade fair concept that closes the gap between industrial designers, product developers, fabricators, suppliers and users. The EuroMold trade fair reveals methods for the faster, more cost-effective and efficient development and manufacturing of new products. This increasingly plays a central role in the modern economy. The renowned trade fair organiser DEMAT GmbH transfers the successful concept of world-leading EuroMold trade fair to attractive foreign markets on a total of five continents.


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