Business Strategy

Tax Relief to Help Manage the Impact of COVID-19

U.S. Congress and Treasury have provided relief to mold shops since the beginning of the coronavirus via accelerated deductions, new tax credits, guidance around these benefits and extensions on the time to file and pay taxes. 

Sister brand Modern Machine Shop Announces 2020 Top Shops Honorees

The annual benchmarking program identifies best practices at best-in-class manufacturing facilities.

Business Strategy

What Is Quality Planning?

A look at the connection between Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Management System (QMS).

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing User Group awards ten DINOs

Every year, AMUG’s DINO awards recognize those that have contributed to the AM industry with the intent to advance other individuals or the industry as a whole. 

Cavalier Increases Its Business Development Team

Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing is increasing its business development team.

Mold Components

Compact Rotary Cooling Unit Facilitates Efficient Demolding of Rotating Cores

Available as a standard unit imold’s latest product reduces development cost, eliminates problems caused by cooling water leaks and is offered in two available sizes. 

Data Management Software

How to Improve Tooling Supply Chain Transparency

An automated tooling supply chain management system will maximize efficiency, minimize risk and improve tooling supply chain transparency.

Metro Mold & Design Expands Injection Molding Footprint

Metro Mold & Design’s expansion of press fleet represents ongoing investment in high-volume, low-mix molding solutions.

MMT Chat: Bottle Expertise Gives Way to Test Kit Work

  MoldMaking Technology’s Christina Fuges chats with some of the M.C. Molds team—Vice President of Operations Dave Keesaer, Sales Manager Eric West and General Manager of Manufacturing Joe Palazzolo—about current business levels, employee safety and morale, and recent and upcoming COVID-19 tooling projects that capitalize on the shop’s extrusion blow mold specialty.      

Mold Components

How to Use Hydraulic Locking Cylinders to Improve Plastic Injection-Molded Part Profitability

Improve complex injection-molded part quality and profitability by reducing mold base size and preloading slides from a solid structure to ensure placement.

PODCAST: Connections, Communication are Key Tools for Mold Builders

Robert Vaughan of Elevate Plastic Solutions talks about open communication and connections, worthwhile investments and film making on this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast.

PODCAST: Keeping Culture Change Constant and Consistent

Westminster Tool discusses the success of changing its company culture and how to keep that change constant for workforce development success in this episode of the MoldMaking Technology/Manufacturing Alliance podcast.

Cutting Tools

Square Shoulder Milling Cutter Improves Roughing Operations and Reduces Power Consumption

Seco Tool introduces its double square shoulder cutter design and inserts for more cost-effective and sustainable production. 

PODCAST: Mexico, Mantras and Project Management

This podcast episode was recorded onsite at our first Meximold event in Querétaro Mexico. We sat down with StackTeck’s General Sales Manager for Latin America and talked about the growing manufacturing base in Mexico, its similarities and differences with the U.S., Canada and Europe, and the opportunities and challenges this marketplace presents.


Hydraulic Clamping Module Ideal for Demanding Maching Operations

Schunk launches a hydraulic clamping module for machines with pallet changer that combines compact dimensions, high pull-down forces, an integrated lifting function and a complete monitoring function.

PODCAST: Challenge Yourself and Your Mold-Building Business to Push Boundaries

During this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, Wayne Daniel at Canon Virginia describes himself as a “molding guy”, having spent about 27 years of his career in injection molding, supporting the company’s in-house molding operations and manufacturing.

MMT Chats: Being Dynamic Amid Crisis

Westminster Tool in Plainfield, Connecticut, stresses the importance of understanding and embracing change, and leadership and communication during a crisis.

5 Steps Manufacturers Should Take to Optimize Operations in the COVID-19 Era

Here are five steps all manufacturers can take to prepare for operations in the COVID-19 era and beyond.

MMT Chat: Vials for the Vaccine/Antibody Testing

COVID has made work a little more challenging but it is also teaching teams “to do things a little bit differently” so they can turn jobs around a lot faster. MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges chatted with one Illinois mold builder and molder who did not take on PPE, but instead, focused on tooling for vials used to collect DNA for vaccine/antibody development.


VIDEO: 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Shares Business Strategies with CNC Machine Shops

Emily Probst, Senior Editor with Modern Machine Shop reached out to me to chat about our 2020 Leadtime Leader Winner Precise Tooling Solutions to learn about key business aspects of this winning specialty manufacturer to share with her CNC machine shop readers.

Mold Components

Cloud-Based Asset Management System Provides Online Filing Cabinet

To reduce tooling managers from using multiple systems to keep track of tools, Progressive Components has developed ProFile, a cloud-based asset tracking program.

Inspection & Measurement

Quality Manufacturing Process Offers High Production Standards

A-Z Mould Inc. offers extensive management expertise and knowledge to deliver components that pass a strict quality control system.

Mazak Helps Kentucky Manufacturer Produce Surface Disinfection System

In response to a neighboring company’s request for a collaboration, Mazak Corporation provided some much-needed materials and production capacity for the development of a new UV-C LED surface disinfection system.

Inspection & Measurement

Shrink Fit System is Industry 4.0-Ready for Shop Floor Communication

Haimer’s power clamp comfort i4.0 shrink fit system sets new standards regarding digital connectivity and communication of tools and machines for manufacturing.