Ball Screw Nut Grinding Multitasking Machine Cuts Nut Processing Time By Two-Thirds

Mitsui Seiki’s VGi20A machine combines grinding, multitask machining and automation strategies, minimizing production time and maximizing accuracy and repeatability.


Creep Feed Grinder Provides Exceptional Grinding Productivity

With rigidity, power and speed, the Blohm Profimat XT from United Grinding excels at machining large parts with high stock-removal requirements.


Tool Grinding Machine Excels at Complex Tool Production

The Walter Helitronic Power 400 offers precise, flexible tool production from United Grinding. A Tool Studio software heightens accuracy with a 3D simulation of parts. 


Five-Axis Grinding Center Delivers Flexible Workpiece Processing

United Grinding’s latest product, Mägerle MFP 30, maintains emulsion and oil coolant capabilities and has an integrated tool changer.


Two-in-One Grinding and Eroding Machine for Cutting Tool Production and Resharpening

The Walter Helitronic Raptor Diamond achieves short cycle times, improved performance and is  particularly well-suited for shops that do not require automatic tool support systems or automatic grinding wheel/electrode changers.


Cylindrical Grinding Machines Offer High Precision and Accuracy

United Grindings’ Studer S41 and S131R cylindrical grinding machines are well suited for manufacturing dies and general grinding applications respectively. 


Traveling-Column Grinding Center Excels in Modern Production Environments

United Grinding’s 5-axis, space-saving Blohm PROFIMAT MC provides capabilities for modern production environments.


Internal Cylindrical Grinders Designed for High Production

United Grinding offers a full 360-degree range of Studer internal cylindrical grinding machines.


Grinding Symposium 2019 Presents Technology, Current Trends in Precision Machining

Over 1500 international visitors experienced new technologies from precision machining and current trends in the manufacturing industry at the Grinding Symposium held by the United Grinding Group in Thun, Switzerland.

Business Strategy

Advances in Machining Technology Enable Advantage for Brass

Through testing, brass proved to machine at high speeds on advanced machine tools with little evidence of tool wear, producing quality surface finishes and chip control.


Bourn & Koch Hires New National Sales Manager

Bourn & Koch announce the addition of Rob Swiss to their team as National Sales Manager for Gear Manufacturing Machinery


United Grinding Presents the Artistry of the Grinding Universe Event

The two-day educational event will give attendees an opportunity to explore the latest grinding technologies, automation and measurement systems.


Pallet Changer Increases Productivity of Grinder by Improving Spindle Runtime

The CVG series vertical universal cylindrical grinding machine parts can be loaded onto a fixture outside of the machine while the machine is running.


DMG MORI Increases Order Intake by 12% in Third Quarter

The company is experiencing initial success with its recent realignment, according to an announcement by its executive board.

Mold Materials

Think Metric, Part 3

Insight from several technology suppliers—in design software, mold components, programming, machines, cutting tools and measurement equipment who have been following the metric trend—may help to make the transition a smooth one.


Preventive Maintenance Makes Good Dollars and Sense

By keeping up with your recommended preventive maintenance (PM) schedule, you can reduce your chances of having a catastrophic breakdown.

Mold Materials

Raising the Bar on Better

A look at one project to move away from traditionally customized moldmaking toward a level of complete automation that raises the bar on accuracy, repeatability and control.


What Moldmakers Should Know about Cylindrical Grinding

Reducing costs, producing superior surface finishes and providing high flexibility are just a few of the advantages achieved with cylindrical grinding in mold manufacturing.


Cylindrical Grinding in Moldmaking

Mold manufacturers who take the time to educate themselves on cylindrical grinding will reap the benefits of the advantages achieved with cylindrical grinding in their mold manufacturing operations—decreased costs, superior surface finishes and high flexibility.


Machining Outlook: Reap the Benefits of Technology Advancements Working Together

A roundtable of machine tool suppliers reviews the advancements in machining technologies that push machining and tooling to their limits—and can kick every moldmaker’s capability up a notch.


EMO Hannover 2011 Stimulates New Business Throughout International Machine Tool Industry

Strong international appeal underscores EMO’s role as industry’s flagship fair.


Mazak To Export Kentucky-Built Machines

Several machine models designed and manufactured at Mazak’s North American plant to be exported to several Asian countries, Brazil and Europe.


Case Study: Machining

High-Speed Machining Center Offers Superior Surface Finish for Aluminum Molds


Transform Grinding into a CNC-Based Technology

Why is it so difficult to automate the grinding department? A common concern in mold shops is how to make the grinding department resemble the rest of the shop.

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