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My guests today are from Eden Tool Company in New Freedom PA—a precision plastic injection mold builder. And the newly formed Eden MFG—manufacturer of engineered medical components. Mike Eden is President of Eden Tool Company, Dave Tomic is VP of Eden Manufacturing and Jake Eden is in Engineering with both Eden Tool & Eden Manufacturing.

This chat is a little teaser for the upcoming feature story I am writing as a result of my visit to the shop this summer. It’s all about hot rods, performance, predictable manufacturing, and going beyond mold building with a new venture that also creates a legacy through a son and a new partnership.

Eden is no stranger to the press. This shop has had coverage on its EDM expertise and hard milling capabilities mostly, but I wanted to chat about what I saw when I walked into the shop: a bunch of beautiful, awesome HOT RODS! Not only that, during my visit I got to ride in two of them—seeing and feeling the quality, detail, power and performance, which ties perfectly into what I saw at Eden Tool.

Mike walks me through his passion for hot rods and then ties it to the Eden Performance slogan. Jake, being a next-generation manufacture, shares his interest in hot rods and how it is connected to his work at Eden Tool over the years. He also talks about Eden’s efforts for developing its next generation of mold builders and molders. Dave and I talked a lot during my visit about hard milling as a key process, but with regards to something he calls predictable manufacturing. He explains this concept and why it is important to Eden Tool and how it translates into the work at Eden Manufacturing. Mike and Dave also share how they found each other and built this unique partnership while providing an update on this new manufacturing venture.

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