MMT Chats: Relationships Are Key to Conquering Supply Chain Challenges

This mold shop owner built his shop with a focus on relationships, and this has become a clear advantage, as the industry works through the impacts of the coronavirus.  Sit back and watch this MMT Chat as MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges interviews two key members of the Eden team.
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Dave Tomic Vice President of Eden Manufacturing was my last shop interaction before COVID-19 hit the U.S. when I was attending MD&M West back in February, and Eden was my first in-person visit during COVID.

This mold builder is about 2 and ½ hours away from my home office, and walking into this shop and meeting the team felt ‘normal’ amidst these crazy times.

During this MMT Chat we discuss COVID and its impact on Eden, especially since this shop focuses a lot on medical molds. Lastly, they each share how they see moldmaking emerging from this crisis in terms of what business will be like, and how shops will run differently because of what they learned during the crisis.

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