Heidenhain Donates Exposed Optical Encoders To Support ASPE Student Challenge

The twelve Numerik Jena LIKgo encoders will be incorporated into the six critical XY stages of the annual precision engineering student competition.

AMBA Tackles Lean Manufacturing Principles in Application-Based Series

AMBA’s Emerging Leaders Network has met industry knowledge with critical thinking in its new offered six-part series, which guides attendees through the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of lean manufacturing principles. 

Workforce Development

Haimer USA partners with Titans of CNC organization

The collaboration will focus on developing and delivering global, high-level manufacturing education to make machinists more efficient and productive. 

Workforce Development

MMT Chat: Virtual R&D and Teaching Plastic Injection Mold Design

New Editorial Advisory Board member Davide Masato, an Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, joined me for a 20-minute video chat about the importance of plastics engineering, and how COVID-19 changed the faculty's approach to teaching mold engineering and plastics research.

MMT Chat: Working On and In an Apprenticeship Program

Four years later I follow up with two young moldmaking professionals who continue to help develop the apprenticeship program that got them to where they are today.

Mold Builder Tools Up to Produce 10,000+ Ear Protectors

Since learning how Westminster Tool was embracing change, leading and communicating during COVID-19 a few months ago, I found out that they tooled up to support their local community with ear protectors too.

Additive Manufacturing

Adapting to New Ways of Working During COVID-19

Mold material suppliers are in the fight against COVID-19 just like their mold-building customers, and learning similar lessons too such as the benefits of going paperless and working remotely.

MMT Chat: Vials for the Vaccine/Antibody Testing

COVID has made work a little more challenging but it is also teaching teams “to do things a little bit differently” so they can turn jobs around a lot faster. MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges chatted with one Illinois mold builder and molder who did not take on PPE, but instead, focused on tooling for vials used to collect DNA for vaccine/antibody development.

Inspection & Measurement

Coordinate Metrology Society Launches 3DMU Learning Portal

The Coordinate Metrology Society announces their newest training asset, 3D Measurement U, an online video training resource for the organization, educators and metrology practitioners, in partnership with Quality Digest. 

Workforce Development

Planning for the 2030 Workforce Challenge

Christina Fuges and Marion Wells of Human Asset Management discuss what the year 2030 means to mold builders, the importance of shop culture to workforce development and a collaborative project on mentorship.

Workforce Development

A Look at Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring consists of a quick 30-minute session during which participants will have five interactions with potential mentors and mentees. The goal is to help you find a connection to begin mentoring.

Workforce Development

RJG Germany Opens Injection Molding Training Facility

RJG Germany GmbH opened the doors to their new training lab on January 1, 2020.

Workforce Development

RJG Releases Q1 Training Schedule

RJG released its first quarter training schedule of classes for February through April.

Maintenance & Repair

How to Improve the Flow of Mold Repair and Engineering Changes

A new perspective on competition, training and workflow redefines this shop’s core competency in repair and engineering changes, and charges the team toward continuous improvement.

Noteworthy News: Growth Spurts

From new facilities dedicated to automation, training and distribution to new hires eager to tackle building relationships through providing excellent customer service, the industry innovators below are growing all across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Workforce Development

What About Mentorship?

MoldMaking Technology steps back to take a broader look at the value proposition of mentoring and launches a pilot mentorship program.

Emuge Corp., Brooks Associates Collaborate to Increase Customer Support

Emuge Corp. and Brooks Associates, Inc. have announced a collaborative effort to expand their capabilities for customer training, machining demonstrations and applications testing.

AMBA Offers Upcoming Benefits for Members

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) announces several upcoming events, learning opportunities and benefits for its members.

Business Strategy

The Plastek Group Wins RJG Training Excellence Award 2019

RJG announces The Plastek Group as the 2019 winner of the Training Excellence Award.

Maintenance & Repair

Getting Hot and Heavy during a Little Hot Runner Training

If a mold is the heart of a molding system, then the hot runner system is the heart of a hot runner mold, and I recently learned that there is a lot to know when it comes to designing and maintaining these systems to ensure optimal mold and part quality and performance.

Workforce Development

85 Trainees and Students Begin Apprenticeship at Arburg

A total of 85 new trainees and students from the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University began their apprenticeship at Arburg on 2 September 2019.

Workforce Development

Fritz Studer AG Apprentice Wins Bronze Medal

Fritz Studer AG is proud to announce that its 18 year old employee, Josia Langhart, who is completing his training at Studer, took a spot on the podium with his team partner, Raphael Furrer.

Workforce Development

RJG Partners with Central Community College, Opens Training Facility

Central Community College (CCC) and RJG have partnered to bring injection molding training to Nebraska.

Workforce Development

Shop Shares Specific Successful Strategies for Training and Retaining Talent

Owners, engineers, mold builders and human resource professionals from small to mid-size mold shops and molding facilities, as well as OEMs, tuned in for a full hour, as Director of Talent Development Kylee Carbone broke down the talent strategy at Westminster Tool, which although successful has had its challenges.