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A machine tool search engine makes shopping smart and simple.


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With much of the data forecasting increased new technology investment by tool shops to keep up with business levels in 2014, I thought it would be a good time to shine a spotlight on a machine tool search engine we’ve been promoting for a while that should make shopping easier and smarter.

Techspex (techspex.com) is an online database of machine tools developed to help visitors quickly find the model(s) they need. According to Techspex founder and owner Nick Bloom, the search engine features six types of machine tool model specifications: turning, milling, grinding, EDM and coordinate measuring machines, and fabrication presses; as well as thousands of standardized model spec sheets and search forms that enable visitors to locate specific models. Registration entitles you to free, full-site access. 

So mold builders in need of machine tools can use Techspex to find most or all of the models that can handle their jobs, based on the tools’ type, attributes and size range. The user then can compare models in a spreadsheet, request brochures from manufacturers, set up meetings with manufacturers or distributors, and generate RFQs.

Established in 1996, TechSpex recently completed its third major redesign and includes the following new features:

• Thousands of articles, supported by Gardner Business Media, linked to model and manufacturer pages on the site.

• The ability to generate and save search results in a list that can be accessed by an Internet link and shared. Search parameters are captured along with the search results.

• Downloadable showrooms that include model spec sheets with images and descriptions.

• New capabilities that allow model search results to be resorted and re-displayed based on alpha/numeric values, which enables models to be grouped by specification column categories such as horsepower, size, rpm, type, etc.

• A “New Search” link to previous search parameters.

“Now, site users can self-generate queries on the model database, find the machines and companies that have the attributes they need, and then watch videos and read articles specifically related to the companies and equipment their query discovers,” Bloom says. “We hope Techspex 3.0 will help your company save time, make better decisions, and help you do your part to contribute to a growing economy in 2014.”

Happy shopping!