VIDEO: Elements of a New Age Repair Shop

Just as important as creating a solid maintenance plan for molds, is the shop in which the repair takes place. In this Toolroom Live Demo, Steve Johnson of MoldTrax presents an overview of a successful toolroom setup that includes a variety of essential bench and cleaning equipment on the market today.  


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MoldTrax teamed up with nine mold maintenance and repair technology partners to share their experience and knowledge with developing a proper mold maintenance and repair culture and toolroom. During Amerimold 2019 they all came together under the event’s first Tool Shop Live! multi-exhibitor display and demonstration.  Thank you to Mold Trax, Die Sep, Gesswein, Blue Wave Ultrasonics, ToolingDocs, Fast Heat, Cold Jet, Dailey Supply and Polymer Cleaning Technology for sharing your expertise.

Here is a video of the show floor demo along with an abbreviated transcript below. 



  • How to Optically Polish Aluminum

    There are two methods for optically polishing aluminum - knowing the right one for your project will save you time and money.

  • Cleaning Intricate Molds

    A look at non-destructive cleaning processes for complex molds that require the removal of tenacious surface contamination to ensure surface quality and longevity of precision mold and molded part surfaces.

  • Cleaning Molds: Part I

    Cleaning a mold is a critical part of the repair process, but many myths must be dispelled.