Snapshot of our Leadtime Leaders

2013 Leadtime Leader Awards: Honorable Mention Micro Mold Company, Inc.: Partnering to Push the Limits; 2013 Leadtime Leader Awards: Winner Tech Mold Inc.: A Triple Threat!


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In Photo: Micro Mold owners (l-r) Rob Cooney, Philip Katen and Ryan Katen. Each are degreed engineers, complimented by Philip’s additional business degree.


Micro Mold: Twenty employees and a team mentality yields partnerships with people, processes and promotion that has allowed the company to evolve into a premier custom injection moldmaker specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of highly engineered, tight-tolerance, thermoplastic injection molds as well as the delivery of final products to its customer base.Micro Mold concentrates on medical disposable, dental, consumer products and minimally invasive surgical products for the following market segments Eye/vision care, diabetes care, medication delivery systems, fluid control, electronic connector, aerospace, defense, automotive, and telecommunications. Micro Mold specializes in building single-cavity, multi-cavity, hot runner, cold runner and three-plate molds, with a primary focus on tight-tolerance, highly complex, SPI 101 production level injection molds. Leadtimes range from eight to 14 weeks.

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Tech Mold: A total of 85 employees deliver the following services with leadtimes that vary from four to 20 weeks depending upon the project: mold design, engineering; product development, pre-production/pilot mold, high-volume production mold special tooling and fixtures; mold qualification and tryouts; and molding manufacturing with optional cell development incorporating automation. Mold types include stack, Spin Stack cubes, two -shot (two-material), single-face molds up to 512 cavities; molds for in-mold labeling and other in-mold functions such as in-mold closing of snap-hinges for closures.

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The Awards are presented by MoldMaking Technology and sponsored by Progressive Components.
Join MoldMaking Technology and Progressive Components in honoring the 2013 Leadtime Leaders. Winning companies are outstanding North American mold manufacturers who best demonstrate overall innovation, efficiency, quality and commitment.  


When: Wednesday,  June 12th – 5:15pm
Where: Conference Center, Level 2, Lobby