SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, In the Trenches

In this multi-part series of articles, contributor James Bourne, a tool repair supervisor and freelance writer, shares his own personal struggles in the business, as well as lessons learned and tricks of the trade garnered along the way.


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These are the opening words of tool repairman James Bourne as he begins his 2012 "In the Trenches" mold repair series.

"Performing mold repair day-in and day-out often seems like a thankless job. You weren’t specifically trained to do mold repair; you are more than likely working in a “less than state-of-the-art” toolroom; and you can never do the job fast enough—not to mention you’re a cost center not a profit center! Not only does it feel thankless, but lonely too here in the trenches.  So we’ve developed this series to not only provide some camaraderie and encouragement—so you know that you are not alone in the trenches—but also to share some personal struggles, lessons learn and tricks of the trade. And, if in the course of this series we receive feedback, you will have done the same for me."

Articles include:

Mold Repair is a Challenge Worth Choosing

Taking Mold Repair to the Next Level

Shaving with Occam’s Razor, Part 2

I Need a Crash Cart in Here

The Trouble with Troubleshooting

How Not to Troubleshoot, Part 2

No Hill for a Stepper

Taking Action

Think Like a Toolmaker

The Pitfalls of Press Work