Christina M. Fuges Contributing Editor

Christina M. Fuges has 28 years of experience in trade publishing. She has been MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Director for the past 22 years. She was a founding partner of Communication Technologies, Inc. (CTI), which launched the publication and its annual trade show, the MoldMaking Expo (now Amerimold expo).

She also was editorial director for CTI’s three other trade publications: Time-Compression Technologies, Continuity Insights and Emergency Number Professional.

Prior to MMT, Christina was with Witter Publishing as Managing Editor for two critical cleaning publications: Precision Cleaning and Parts Cleaning magazines.

MMT was acquired by Gardner Business Media in 2004 where Christina continues to serve as the brand’s Editorial Director. She is committed to serving the community via print, digital and social content. She also serves as the Technical Conference Director for the annual Amerimold expo.

Christina also is a contributing editor for Additive Manufacturing, which was launched as a supplement to both MoldMaking Technology and sister brand Modern Machine Shop in 2012, but has developed into a stand-alone brand with its own print, digital and social presence as well as conferences throughout the year.

Christina has been covering additive manufacturing technologies as they relate to mold and toolmaking since her first encounter with rapid prototyping and rapid tooling back in the late 1990s during the Euromold trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. Here she discovered a UK-based magazine called Time Compression Technologies.  Shortly thereafter CTI acquired the North American version of this publication for which Christina was the editor. 

Christina’s passion is building community within the audiences her publications serve by providing relevant print, digital and conference content focused on both technology and business issues, while working cooperatively with technology suppliers, mold builders, industry associations and educational facilities.

She is the current secretary for the Society of Plastics Engineers Mold Technologies Division, which exists to foster growth in the moldmaking and design profession by encouraging the training of moldmakers at the apprentice level, supporting the continuing development of established moldmakers, and by gathering and exchanging information on materials and mold performance.

Christina also works with other moldmaking trade associations, such as the American Mold Builders Association and PLASTICS, on special projects such as the MoldMaking Matters educational video series. 

Christina moderates panels and speaks at industry trade events on workforce development, mold manufacturing, and the brand’s annual Leadtime Leaders Awards program.

Christina uses various media outlets to help educate her audience, including industrial video projects that highlight shop innovations, and guest spots on IMTSTV for IMTS, and Plastics TV on the NPE Network to discuss moldmaking trends and technology. 

She also co-hosts The Manufacturing Alliance podcast to share the stories of mold builders across North America who have helped to build the mold manufacturing industry.  Kula Partners interviewed Christina for their Kula Ring podcast on how she uses podcasts to share stories and personal connections to break down the brand barrier.

Christina received her bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Christina lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and son who are all active within their church, school and local community. When she’s not working, she spends time raising awareness for Williams Syndrome, which is a genetic disorder her son has. Christina also enjoys being outdoors, day-hiking, fast-walking, cruising back roads in her Jeep, binge-watching original Netflix series, and planning family events. She loves music, the sun, and relaxing by water or on a beach.


MMT Chats: MoldMaking Technology and Harbour Results Connect on COVID-19 and the Importance of Leadership, Focus

By: Christina M. Fuges

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Laurie Harbour of Harbour Results about the current state of moldmaking amid COVID-19 and what mold builders should be doing today in their businesses to ensure growth in the aftermath.

Additive Manufacturing

How to Calculate the Full Cost of Additive Manufacturing

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A true evaluation of additive includes a look at materials, speed, quality, scalability, and cost.

Additive Manufacturing

Interested in What Is Happening with Additive Manufacturing in Automotive?

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If you weren't able to attend the AM Workshop for Automotive hosted at the North American International Auto Industry Show in Detroit earlier this year, don’t worry we have made the presentation content available to you now.    

Additive Manufacturing

When Is 3D Printing Cost Effective?

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Hype continues to surround additive manufacturing. These three factors can help determine whether a part is worth 3D printing.
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Learn Additive

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The agenda for the Additive Manufacturing Conference next month includes presenters from Oak Ridge National Lab, John Deere, GE Additive, Concept Laser, Sodick and more on what you need to know about the processes, applications and materials to implement AM in your shop.

Technology Tuesday, Everything Additive

By: Christina M. Fuges

I began working on Additive Manufacturing magazine back in 2012 with the publication’s chief editor, Pete Zelinski. Since then I’ve covered several facets of AM technology, but mostly those relevant to mold and toolmaking. Here, I revisit some of the applications and processes discussed. 

Business Strategies

Lean Waste Walk Form

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Spreadsheets are a common tool in mold shops and we've touched upon their various uses in MMT. Here is another example of using spreadsheets to help create an organized way of viewing and tracking info. This time it has to do with waste.

Additive Manufacturing Spring Edition Focuses on Tooling

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From laser optimization bringing AM to the next level for a medical mold builder to mold design enhancements leveraging 3D printing capabilities to 3D printing big industrial tools, this edition of AM has much to offer today's mold builders.

May MMT Digital Edition Available

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This month we take a look at how to define mold steel toughness, a new roughing strategy that helps maximize metal removal rates and reduce roughing cycle times, enhanced metrology technologies, electrode material selection, women impacting moldmaking, and much more.
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Practical Considerations for Conformal Cooling Designs

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If you are looking for a comprehensive analysis of cooling design rules for additive manufacturing, check out this webinar.
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SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, In the Trenches

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In this multi-part series of articles, contributor James Bourne, a tool repair supervisor and freelance writer, shares his own personal struggles in the business, as well as lessons learned and tricks of the trade garnered along the way.

The Best of ...

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Here are some of the past No. 1 ranked entries for MoldMaking Technology's annual Top 10 Reasons to Be a Moldmaker t-shirts. We are challenging you to top these!