Siemens to Present Motion Control and Plant Communications Solutions 2012

At this year’s National Plastics Exposition (NPE), Siemens will present various automation, drives, motion control solutions and plant communications enhancements for the plastics industry and related end-user markets.


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Visitors will see and experience demonstrations of the following developments from Siemens: 
Industrial Ethernet Connectivity
Whether developing a greenfield project with new and existing production equipment, adding stations to an extrusion line or expanding a brownfield installation for improved plant communications, regardless of the control brands onboard, plastics professionals can utilize the Siemens Sinamics drive platform to link all data devices and quickly expand a network. Whether the plant runs Profinet, Profibus or Ethernet as its main bus, all machines and materials handling devices inline can now be connected. This reduces total-cost-of-ownership and eliminates the need to match the existing drive network. Integration of all legacy controls is made easily. 
Automation Solutions for Extruders
Through a single PLC, extruders can achieve total control of all temperature zone inputs and HMI. 
The Siemens TCP3000 software package is a scalable, pre-engineered solution for the automation from 2–64 zones, with standard HMI, advanced PLC based PID control loops with fast auto-tuning and in-process tuning, decentralized I/O, and offers closed-loop temperature control for an entire extrusion or blow molding operation.   

Energy-Efficient Servo Pump Technology
Traditional hydraulic fluid solutions use pumps that run constantly, which wastes energy. The hydraulic fluids can be challenging to manage and maintain. With a servo related solution to replace existing motors that run during the entire production shift, you can replace the main hydraulic motor and increase your performance while taking a step towards a greener solution for your process. Siemens will present the new Sinamics servo pump and demonstrate how it delivers hydraulic oil, as needed, through its closed-loop pressure system.   
Motion Control Systems for Plastics Machinery
Whether for blow molding, extrusion or injection machines — or moving parts, materials and machine components, Siemens offers the plastics industry complete hardware and software solutions for motion control from a single vendor. In blow molding, our parison control package provides machine builders 256 points for linear interpolation, saving machine designers considerable programming, setup and integration time. For injection, all speeds, pressures and up to 24 zones of temperature control can run on a single Siemens programmable logic controller (PLC).
For more information about the Sinamics servo pump for injection molding machines, visit our website: www.usa.siemens.com/motioncontrol. Join the user community by following us on Facebook: www.facebook.com.siemens.dt.us  and talking to us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/siemens_dt_us.