PODCAST: The Mission of Marketing Mold Manufacturing

Christina Fuges recently joined James Soto on the Industrial Strength Marketing Podcast to explore her journey through the manufacturing industry, the beginnings of the MMT brand and more. 


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Women Telling Women the Story of Manufacturing podcast

“I basically fell into manufacturing, then fell in love with moldmaking, and today I continue to serve this incredible community of mold builders by helping to develop targeted content with experts in the field, which readers can use to better their businesses,” says MoldMaking Technology’s Editorial Director, Christina Fuges.

Involved in the moldmaking community for 23 years, Christina recently had the opportunity to join Industrial Strength Marketing’s founder and CEO James Soto and the company’s latest podcast, “Women Telling the Story of Manufacturing.”

Here, she discusses her journey as a female in the role of marketing manufacturing. She also takes a trip down memory lane and recounts the evolution of the MMT brand, how it has flourished and the upcoming programs the moldmaking community should look out for. 

Christina emphasizes how honored she is to serve this incredible mold manufacturing community. “Without the men and women of the moldmaking industry and my colleagues, I couldn’t have been a part of building this 22-year-old MoldMaking Technology brand,” she says. 

Here are some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • The history of the MMT brand dating back to 1997 and Christina’s founding role
  • How Christina was humbled by the true acceptance of this moldmaking community
  • A mention of the mentors who helped Christina along the way
  • The value of wearing both her editorial and sales hats when doing her job to better serve the moldmaking community
  • The value of a niche brand for readers to get more targeted information for better decision-making
  • How she works with technology suppliers to set them up as educators so they are informing the reader instead of simply selling
  • How MMT values both the advertiser and reader. They work together on the pages of MMT to help each other get better and lift up the industry … much like how the supply chain is working together to fight COVID-19
  • A tease for the upcoming June 2021 30-Under-30 Honors Program 
  • A look back at MMT’s 2017 two-part series on the women impacting moldmaking to encourage others to connect with MMT to help produce a this series again
  • The importance of being on social media to learn, network and share who your shop is
  • MMT’s new website and its new look

For access to the complete podcast click here