PODCAST: Medical, Motivation, Mentality and Yes, Moldmaking

Attitude is everything for the Plastikos / Micro Mold team as they design and manufacture patient-critical devices. Listen in as we invite the technical sales manager to join our latest Manufacturing Alliance Podcast to learn about the company’s philosophy on hard work, finding the right approach in difficult situations, hiring based on best fit for the culture and looking for people who are motivated and willing to go the extra mile.
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It was a pleasure to sit down with this shop to learn what it has been up to since winning the honorable mention Leatime Leader title back in 2013. Although, I did know quite a bit going into this conversation because this Erie-Pennsylvania team knows how to use both social and digital platforms to spread its company news … like its most recent expansion via a new facility: Plastikos Medical!

Dan Snyder is the technical sales manager for this family moldmaker and molder (Micro Mold and Plastikos, respectively), and he took the time to share not only company happenings, but the things that make this shop tick.

Here are some snippets from our conversation to entice you to listen in:

  • Micro Mold and Plastikos has a focus on micro features on a macro-sized part
  • The company has been ahead of its time with the tolerances it held back in the early 80s
  • Double-digit growth year after year
  • Leadership is in their early 40s
  • Independently owned
  • The company’s bread and butter is patient-critical products
  • Complex, tight-tolerance, highly regulated niche 
  • Tooling needs to be dialed-in and across 8 – 16 cavities with a very robust mold maintenance plan
  • “Embrace the grind” motto
  • Best book by Albert E. N. Gray sets sales strategy
  • Words NOT to live by “I can’t” or “That’s not my job.”
  • Employees go the extra mile to meet the crazy leadtimes
  • The motivating factor is the company’s culture … “no one wants to be the weak link”
  • Amerimold networking party lead Dan to a new employee!
  • Trade shows are not always about finding the next technology, they can be finding the next mold builder, machinist, process engineer.

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