PODCAST: Investing in Change for the Better

In this epsiode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, this duo from Kingson Mold and Machine Inc. talks about challenges they have faced in changing the company for the better through implementing new technologies and processes.

PODCAST: Falling into Moldmaking and Falling in Love with its People and Possibilities

Listen in as I cohost another edition of The Manufacturing Alliance podcast that shares the story of an accidental move into mold manufacturing that turned into an exciting, fulfilling career educating customers about the value of data, and much more.

PODCAST: 3-in-1 Moldmaking Force Always Looking for Problems ... to Solve

This mold manufacturer considers itself an engineering company with a focus on people and solving problems. In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance, I sit down with two VPs to break down how three companies operate as one to provide creative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.

PODCAST: Benefits and Challenges to Becoming a One Stop Shop

In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, members from the Westfall Technik team sit down and talk about the company’s recent growth, including challenges they’ve faced and benefits they’ve gained.

PODCAST: A 3-in-1 Force in Mold Manufacturing Looks for Problems

This mold manufacturer considers itself an engineering company with a focus on people and solving problems. In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance, we dissect how three companies operate as one to provide creative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.    

PODCAST: What Do Rhinos Have to Do with Repair?

United Tool and Mold Owner Scott Phipps recalls “always building something" as a kid, and that continues today as he and his team charge forward with expanding and improving their mold repair and engineering change services business.  Who are they and how are they growing this critical segment of mold manufacturing? Listen in to learn. 

PODCAST: The Magic of Manufacturing and Marketing

Founder and President Todd Schuett of Creative Technology might be used to being behind the camera, but he’s in front of the microphone in this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast to talk about marketing and the magic that is the manufacturing industry.

PODCAST: Connections, Communication are Key Tools for Mold Builders

Robert Vaughan of Elevate Plastic Solutions talks about open communication and connections, worthwhile investments and film making on this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast.

PODCAST: Keeping Culture Change Constant and Consistent

Westminster Tool discusses the success of changing its company culture and how to keep that change constant for workforce development success in this episode of the MoldMaking Technology/Manufacturing Alliance podcast.

PODCAST: Mexico, Mantras and Project Management

This podcast episode was recorded onsite at our first Meximold event in Querétaro Mexico. We sat down with StackTeck’s General Sales Manager for Latin America and talked about the growing manufacturing base in Mexico, its similarities and differences with the U.S., Canada and Europe, and the opportunities and challenges this marketplace presents.

PODCAST: Challenge Yourself and Your Mold-Building Business to Push Boundaries

During this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, Wayne Daniel at Canon Virginia describes himself as a “molding guy”, having spent about 27 years of his career in injection molding, supporting the company’s in-house molding operations and manufacturing.

PODCAST: Listening and Understanding Leads to Success

On this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, Michael Rynerson past CEO of Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc. talks about listening to people, reading situations and understanding processes to achieve success with customers. 

PODCAST: Meeting Up in Mexico and Talking Shop

Meximold 2019 was an opportunity to sit down with the editor of the event’s publication Plastics Technology Mexico and with the project manager of a Canadian mold builder that opened up a facility in Mexico to capitalize on its moldmaking opportunities. 

PODCAST: Accomplished Women Empowering Accomplished Women in Manufacturing

I was surprised, humbled and honored when The WAM Podcast invited me to be a guest on its 96th episode. I mean, it’s not every day that someone in the trade press is asked to freely and publicly promote their brand on top of being considered an “accomplished” woman in manufacturing. 
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PODCAST: Exposing the Secrets to Success

Three American Mold Builders Association executive board members talk about the advantages of building relationships and sharing what you know.

PODCAST: Tackling Problems with Relationships and Processes

Currier Plastics’ Ron Ringleben, vice president of business development, and Sriraj Patel​​​, director of research and development, discuss how their company builds relationships and tackles problems for their customers in this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance podcast.

PODCAST: Always In Pursuit of Teamwork

This speed junkie is determined to use teamwork to make better decisions, and it’s working. Tony May is the vice president of business development for engineering-driven mold builder Pyramid Mold & Tool located in Rancho Cucamonga, California which focuses on complex, multicavity tools.

PODCAST: New Kids on the Block at 25 Years

Celebrating its 25-year anniversary, Pyramid Mold & Tool continue to build team, develop relationships, present solutions, implement lean and stay honest. Listen in as we get to the bottom of what makes this shop special during this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast.  

PODCAST: Additive Panel Speaks Out about Technology Expansion

On this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, MoldMaking Technology’s Christina Fuges sits down with Tony Demakis to interview three leading additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology suppliers. 

PODCAST: Rhinos and Repair

Listen in to this MoldMaking Technology/Manufacturing Alliance Podcast as this United Tool and Mold team talks about the “rhino attitude” that has gotten this mold repair and engineering changes services provider to where it is today.

Making Moldmaking Conversation

MoldMaking Technology on The Manufacturing Alliance podcast have a little fun while showcasing some familiar faces yet untold facets of the businesses, technology and lives of mold builders across North America helping to build this industry.