Partnering up to Push the Limits of Technology and Innovation

Franchino Mold & Engineering specializes in ultra large molds enabling customers to produce products that challenge the limits of injection molding and keep them ahead of the competition. This made them perfect for a project for a 420,000-pound mold to make a 15-foot long, 245 pound polypropylene tank half.
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“Franchino was excited to participate in the design and construction of this large project,” said Todd Phillips, Vice President of Franchino Mold and Engineering. “It’s motivating to work with partners that keep pushing the limits on technology and innovation.”

Franchino Mold and Engineering of Lansing, Michigan engineered and built this aluminum and steel cavity and core hybrid mold with the largest hot runner manifold system in operation in the world.  The cavity work was machined using a Tarus 5-axis mill with a 114" x 120" table. More than 10,000 man-hours invested this project.

This all started with the development of the world’s largest low-pressure injection molding machine designed and constructed by Infiltrator Systems. The injection press took five months to engineer and nine months to build and is producing the Infiltrator IM™-1530 Septic Tank product line.  

The molding machine has the largest injection molding platen area in the world; has parts handling and finishing stations that use the largest six-axis robot in the world; and produces the world’s largest molded part at 245 pounds.

Infiltrator is the world’s largest septic products company.