New CVe Monitor for Tracking Mold Activity

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This device monitors more than just mold cycles completed.

Related Suppliers

Progressive Components, a leading global supplier of components for the production tooling industry and developer of the popular CounterView, now introduces an electronic mold monitoring device called the CVe Monitor.

This device monitors more than just mold cycles completed. It also gathers such specific data as: Cycle Time over the life of the tool; Cycle Time over the last 25,000 cycles; Percentage of activity versus downtime; Downtime date ranges; Increments where mold maintenance was performed.


One can either view the data directly off the CVe or download the data via its mini USB port in order to drive comprehensive reporting. “Being able to monitor mold activity allows focused efforts to be directed towards improvement in the mold’s cycle times and maintenance actions,” Glenn Starkey, president of Progressive Components, explains. “More than just counting cycles, the CVe enables an accurate assessment of one’s tooling investment.”

The CVe fits into the same pocket as Progressive’s popular CounterView 100/200 Series, making it easy to retrofit it onto tooling that is already in production.